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Without any shadow of a doubt, the Tele is the grandfather of the electric guitar industry – It was there at the start and over 65 years later, it is still used today in many different genres of music – The 60th anniversary of the Telecaster began in 2011, so to commemorate this occasion Fender decided to release the ‘Telebration’ series – For the 12 months of 2011, Fender released 12 different variations of the Tele, so yes one for each month, with the Fender USA ’75’ Telebration Limited Edition been one such model  – All released from the USA and each was part of a very limited run – None were spec’d as exact replicas of a specific model, year or period, yet whilst they may have been influenced by a period, each was tweaked and styled, with various features that in a way made each Telebration unique

Here we have a Tele, that is influenced from the early mid 70’s period, hence the ’75’ Block Inlay Tele, with features that you where more than likely to find on a Jazz Bass, in particular the black block inlays on the maple fingerboard and of course those black pointed knobs – So with a natural finish, on a contoured ash body, you are left with a Tele that possesses fairly distinctive features – Released as part of a world wide limited  run of only 500, with less than 50 allocated to the UK – Back in 2011, a new version of this Tele would sit on a dealers wall around £1700 – Today, that price would now be well in excess of £2000 – Guitars4You can now offer a very clean used example for £1149 – Used maybe the wrong choice of word in this instance, as generally it evokes thoughts of wear and tear and probably excessive use – This 75 Block Tele is a very clean example, so a detailed search of the shiny gloss natural finish is required to find any hint of a blemish – So unless you are very pernickety about any  pick marks on the black scratchplate, this Tele is remarkably clean  – £1149 includes the deluxe C&G vintage style Fender hard shell case, with stitched leather ends,  as well as the tags and appropriate case candy – Weight watchers will adore the fact that it comes in at only 7lbs and 11oz, which is excellent, taking into account that many 70’s Fender’s were probably the heaviest models you’ll ever find

Spec and details were still more 70’s influenced, so maple neck + fingerboard, with a vintage spec’d  7.25″ radius, plus 21 vintage frets  – Regular C neck profile that measures .910″ at the top nut end, with a slight taper to fatten out at .925″ at the 12th fret – Whilst the body, neck and fingerboard featured a new shiny gloss finish, don’t worry as it is not ‘treacle’ thick like a genuine 70’s model – Note the 70’s bullet style truss rod and of course whilst you are looking around the headstock you’ll find the F stamped tuners plus black Fender logo –  The bridge assembly is pretty much 70’s vintage based with 3 pairs of saddles and of course it incorporates the traditional single coil pick-up, with strings that still load thru’ the body in the traditional Tele way – Bridge pick up kicks out 6.54K –  As this Telebration is based on the 70’s Tele Custom, you’ll note the large 3 ply black scratchplate, that incorporates the ‘wide range’ neck humbucker based, on the original Seth Lover model, that Fender utilised in the 70’s – It measures 5.7K –  All controlled via a 3 way LP style toggle switch, plus 2 volume pots + 2 tone pots

Tone feel and playability is pure Tele and more vintage based at that – To be fair to the vintage based frets and fingerboard radius, it generally suits guitarists who are mainly chord based and/or prefer the more simply tuneful melodic style of playing – Re-strung and set-up with a new set of 10’s and a sensible playing action

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