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The influence for many of today’s boutique guitar builders, is still derived  from the tried and tested Fender Strat format, so what can Suhr Guitars bring to the table – The Suhr approach is not so much as to re-invent the wheel, but to take the ‘zero tolerance approach’ whereby the build quality and an impeccable attention to detail, coupled with the finest  ingredients, ensures a package that is slick and easy to handle – Their goal is to offer the ultimate playing experience – So welcome into stock a used Suhr Classic Pro HSS, with a cool ocean turquoise metallic finish – Condition wise, you’d have to be very fussy to pick any faults with that shiny gloss finish – Barely played with only a few pick marks on the tortoiseshell scratchplate the only real give away of any previous use – The whole guitar is exceptionally clean – No fret issues, as though there would be with stainless steel frets – Re-strung and set up with a new set of 10’s – Complete with a deluxe Suhr  G&G case, along with the appropriate spec sheet/certificate – Indications point towards a 2014 date of birth

The spec for this Suhr Classic Pro HSS is as follows :- Light weight and resonant one piece alder body – whole guitar weighs 8lbs and 6oz   Cool ocean turquoise metallic finish  Maple neck + Indian rosewood fingerboard with satin ‘played in’ finish  Even C medium profile that tapers from .859″ around the top nut end, to .917″ around the 12th fret area – Medium depth  Compound fingerboard radius of 10″ near the nut thru’ to 14″ around the 12 fret and above, to provide you with the ultimate in clean bending and a fast fluid action   22 heavy (jumbo) gauge stainless steel frets Clay side + fingerboard inlays  Tusq top nut  Chrome hardware including a set of  locking tuners   2 point Gotoh 510 modern fulcrum tremelo + vintage style S bent saddles + separate milled steel trem block  3 ply  11 hole tortoise shell scratchplate   Suhr ML (Michael Landau) single coil pick-ups that measure 6.69K   Suhr SSV humbucker – paf flavoured output at 8.66 and 4.77K on split mode  Suhr SSC11 noise reduction circuit  5 way switch + master volume + master tone + blend pot to add neck + bridge Push/pull pot for bridge split option   Parchment pick up covers and control knobs

All Suhr Guitars feature a Plek Pro set-up which sets the fret height to a tolerance of .01mm, with each fret then re-crowned and polished for ultra smooth bending – The medium C neck profile possesses a comfortable amount of meat, to stop it feeling slim, but nothing to the point that it handicaps the guitars playing performance – Along with a satin finish on the neck/fingerboard, the fingerboard edges are ‘rolled’ to supply you with that ‘played in’ comfortable feel – Add a new set of 10’s and the result of all of this, is a peach of a guitar to play, with a slick action that responds to a light touch so no problem to show off any party licks or slick tricks – Yet dig in for moody and emotional blues as and when required – The body has the addition of a contoured heal for easier access to the upper frets, where only the brave wonder

Tonal Character ;- To give you an idea of what the Suhr Classic Pro HSS sounds like in action, then I suggest you click here, to visit the Suhr web site and see a couple of youtube style video clips – The combination of the custom wound ML single coil pick-ups, coupled with a bolt on maple neck, ensures a fast and responsive attack, with a spanky and naturally lively character about it – It does not sound thin or brittle, just nice and crisp, with shimmering highs and full, yet clear lows – Just enough girth in the mid range area to add body, yet not over power – The two out of phase settings have a lively spanky quack about them and it won’t take you long to realise they have  an infectious appetite about them, especially on clean and less overdriven amp settings, where by you can hear the guitars full character talk to you – The humbucker delivers a paf flavoured output, so more of a lush, warm and smooth quality about it,  as against a fierce shin kicker – Note the humbucker can be split via a push/pull pot if required for a spanky crisp single coil voice – The blend pot (lower tone position) allows you to blend in the neck + bridge position for additional versatility – Look at it as adding depth (from the humbucker) to a spanky single coil voice, or adding clarity and sparkle (from the ML single coil) to the humbucker – More audible and versatile with less gain and/or on a clean amp setting

On overdriven amp settings, you can roll back the Suhr’s volume pot to around 6/7 and set this up as your base tone, so it is more reserved and chilled out – With this approach, you and the guitar now control the amp, so take the Suhr’s volume pot back towards 10 as and when you require an additional boost, with more edge and bite – Hence a built in ‘turbo’ mode – With more gain on the amp and the Suhr on full, you’ll get more of that ‘on the red line’ pushed voice, so as and when required, simply roll off the volume pot for more of a voice that always sounds more in control – Hence no shortage of expression, soul and emotion at your fingertips – Great tone based players like EVH, Santana, BB King, Kossoff and Jeff Beck, plus many more, take this approach as it adds so much more emotional content to your playing and tonal palette – the single coil pick-ups keep it traditional Strat-esq territory, with the humbucker adding more bite, power and girth to power chords and rip roaring solos, when required – Remember this Suhr Classic Pro HSS is spec’d with the SSC11 noise reduction, so it retains the true single coil clarity but removes the hum you associate with such pick-ups   – All in all a versatile package that can work in many environments

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