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Home use only, barely played and nigh on in as new condition, are my initial comments with regards to this used, 2017 Suhr Pro JM with an olympic white finish – So be prepared to search long and hard to find any signs of previous use – Complete with the deluxe Suhr padded gig bag as well as the appropriate spec sheet – It is well  worth a visit to the Suhr web site to view any additional info, so click here for details

It is always an individual opinion as to  which guitar looks the best, sounds the best, feels and performs the best – But one thing that is not debatable is the attention to detail and build quality regarding Suhr Guitars – Along with Anderson Guitars, they both share an ethos based on perfection – To a degree that includes the design, so in this case we have a guitar that has borrowed influences from a bygone era, but has certainly not tried to produce a copy – So the off set Jazzmaster vibe is obviously apparent, but the Suhr make over is based on improvements that are hassle free – So that includes a modern fulcrum trem assembly, locking tuners, noiseless P90 based pick-ups, as well as a 10″-14″ fingerboard radius with a set of 22 stainless steel medium jumbo frets

Full spec and details for this Suhr Pro JM :-

Feel + playing performance – The feel of the neck is pure vintage old school with a profile that will be familiar to anyone who has played an original or Custom Shop guitar that is early 60’s influenced – So sensible girth, to stop it feeling meaty  – Comfortable and almost ‘bedroom slipper’ familiar, thanks to a satin finish that captures the feel of a guitar that has been played in – The fingerboard is more modern for that slick easy playing performance – Hence a 10/14″ compound fingerboard radius along with a set of medium/jumbo gauge stainless steel frets – 22 of them as well – As a result, a slick easy action is ever present, that will suit cascading tricks etc as required  – Or dig in to show of a few big pentatonic bends that suit those moody laid back passages – It is fair to say the overall playing performance is far more modern, as against the old school approach of a Jazzmaster/Jaguar – Yet if you want more of an old school vibe, then maybe try a set of 11’s with a higher action – In short it is far more ‘user friendly’ than the shape suggests – The modern trem system, with locking tuners, provides a stable tuning package that will require heavy use to put it out of tune

Tonal character :- Maybe as you’d expect it is not trying to be a Jazzmaster regarding its tonal character – Same applies to that of a late 50’s LP Special – Yet somehow both influences are part of its big tone – It can produce twang and surf – It can be chilled and laid back – It can bite and kick – All as required – The single coil clarity is ever present , whilst the nature of a P90 based pick-up ensures a bigger tone than a regular Strat pick-up – So I suppose a Jekyll and Hyde character sums up the voice of the Suhr Pro JM – The neck pick-up can be soft, smooth and chilled, that takes you into the land of jazz, or laid back blues, on a clean, or slightly overdriven amp setting – No shortage of character, with crisp smooth highs, tight clear lows and just enough muscle in the mid range – Add more gain as required and it purrs for those Gary Moore influenced melodic blues phrases, yet always articulation is part of the voice – Add delay/reverb as required for a big surf voice that is delivered with plenty of character, so add a touch of gain, as required, for some attitude  – The bridge pick-up can equally deliver twang, attitude, balls and bite, or indeed deliver a melodic crisp voice as required, especially if you utilise the volume pot to maximise the expression that the JM delivers – Big tight lows , crisp clear highs and again enough muscle in the mids to add girth – From surf to Green Day-esq punk, or the attitude of The Ramones, then the JM can be on home turf – Add more gain for a big grunge voice  – What ever you choose it is always delivered with no shortage of emotion,  clarity and articulation – It is fully responsive to you, the level of gain you select, along with tweaks to the volume and tone pots, as required, to supply you with additional expression – The feel and playing performance allows for fancy licks ‘n’ tricks, but somehow I feel the tone of the JM is more about a simplistic voice that is melodic, as against a shred machine – It can handle shred, if required, but to me it is some how more about a guitar that suits the song, if that makes sense !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – So maybe more Tom Petty and less Steve Vai

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