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Time to introduce you to a used, 2005 Hamer Studio Custom 90,  that currently resides on my showroom wall, awaiting a potential buyer – A mighty fine, hand-built  American instrument, from the original boutique custom guitar workshop, for £1690 – That price on its own deserves its own small paragraph, as based on the last available new Hamer price list, it was listed at £2700 – That was over 10 years ago, so taking into account changes to the exchange rate, inflation and other variations, it would probably sit well in excess of £3000 today  – So whilst new Hamer Guitars suffered quite a high level of depreciation, any potential customer buying a used USA Hamer, acquires one hell of an exceptional guitar for their hard earned pound – Compare the build quality of this Hamer, to a similar priced new Gibson Guitar and there is no contest whatsoever, that is unless you have a very blinkered opinion of a budget Gibson Guitar – To any guitar fan, especially to a Hamer fan, it is a major disappointment that when Fender purchased the Kaman guitar brands of Ovation and Hamer, that shortly afterwards, they closed down the USA Hamer Custom Shop – Small boutique companies make exceptionally fine instruments, but they make no profits for large companies

So now let me wet your appetite with all the relevant details with regards to this used Hamer Studio – The Hamer Studio 90 is based on the best selling Hamer Studio Custom model, so whilst it still retains all the hallmarks of a quality instrument that Hamer are renowned for, you’ll find  a pair of Seymour Duncan Soapbar P90’s sitting in the heart of the engine room, as against a pair of humbuckers, otherwise it is the same beast – Overall, this 2005 model is in very good condition – You’ll only find very light surface grazes to the rear of the mahogany body – Granted you’ll find a couple of blemishes to the nitro gold top finish – No fret issues –  Hamer Guitars where lovingly crafted, from tip to toe, by a small team of highly skilled craftsmen, who completed only around 3 guitars a day, so no big corporation turning out shed loads of instruments for all and sundry – Recently, someone pointed out to me that in reality there are only 2 guitar designs and nearly everybody follows one of these formats – You either follow the bolt-on maple neck, California design, or the mahogany body/neck construction – Hamer have chosen the mahogany body/neck construction format that Gibson and PRS have also utilised on most models for many years now – Sitting on a maple top, I’m sure that you must have already clocked the nitro gold top finish, giving the guitar a classic vibe about it – Weight wise it comes in at 9lbs and 14oz – Hardware is all chrome and as you’d expect, it is all top notch including a Tone Pros tune o matic style locking bridge, along with a set of Schaller tuners – The mahogany neck has some meat on on it,  but you could never accuse it of been fat or chunky, but the key issue is that it feels comfortable to play and thanks to a nice sensible playing action, it is ‘user friendly’ – Certainly, it has a strong Gibson LP flavour about it, with a similar C profile that measures .895″ around the top nut end and gently fattens out to .959″ around the 12th fret  – The 22 jumbo frets are impeccably fitted, correctly profiled and polished to perfection, so string bending is oh so easy, in-fact I’ve re-strung and set it up with a set of 10’s, yet it still feels very slinky, so if you want more of a challenge or something to ‘fight’ against then maybe a set of 11’s will be required

Tonal character :- Both pick-ups are Seymour Duncan Soapbar/P90 models, that kick out 11.35K at the neck and 14.69K at the bridge – Again, and as you’d expect, the tone is very much from the land of Gibson, so a fat smooth and warm texture flows from the neck pick-up, with a full bodied bite and growl from the bridge pick-up – Overall, the Soapbar pick-ups supply the guitar with more clarity than you’ll find on a regular LP, whilst the quality of the volume controls allows you to set the amp up with some overdrive, then dial in the amount of gain as required – As such you control all the emotion you require directly from the guitar – The neck pickup purrrrs – On clean amp settings it is lush with plenty of character that can suit laid back jazz/blues chords and licks – Add some gain, as required for it to sing and purrrrrr – The bridge pick-up can morph from  a throaty but clean ‘early Nocaster’ voice with bite, clarity and body – Add some gain for crunch rhythm with tight lows, clear mids and just enough bite, that also suits ‘Chicago’ blues style – Add more gain for scorching lead work – There is a Jekyll and Hyde character of such a guitar that can suit laid black jazz/blues, as well the more aggressive punk styles of Green Day and The Ramones and a host of styles in between  – Additionally, having 2 volume pots, allows you to leave the 3 way switch in the middle position, then blend in the 2 pick-ups as required, giving you even more tonal variations – The price includes a deluxe Hamer shaped case as well as the certificate of authenticity – Look at my asking price, along with the overall quality of this instrument, then see what else you can buy for a similar price, and you’ll quickly realise what an exceptional used buy this Hamer guitar is

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