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When you acquire a used 58 reissue from 1997, you forget how many years the Custom Shop Historic Collection program has been going – As somewhat of a joke, I  pointed out to the previous owner that some vintage reissues are now almost vintage instruments in their own rights, if you believe any guitar over 25 years old is a vintage model – So let me welcome into stock a delightful Gibson Historic Collection R8 58 Reissue from 1997 – Officially tagged as a ‘butterscotch’ finish but looks more like a faded lemon burst finish – And how about that highly figured maple top – Looks more like an R9 and you see many models today that struggle to match the aesthetic qualities that is on display on this LP – This model pre-dates any certificate that was issued with later models, but the 5 digit inked serial number, starting 8 7, will clarify this is indeed a 58 reissue from 1997

The Custom Shop Reissue program has now been running for well over 20 years – Yet almost year up on year, Gibson have made a big fuss about ‘our best ever most accurate replica’  – We’ve had long and short tenons – Lam rosewood fingerboards – Changes to pick ups, different plastics and a host of other features, to entice you to part with your hard earned cash – Yet no matter if it is a 1997, 2007 or 2017 reissue then each guitar should be judged on its own basis as to how it feels, plays and sounds – So granted this 1997 might not be 100% accurate regarding certain specifications, but it is a might fine LP, with shed loads of character and over 20 years of its own vintage patina – As it happens there has been a buzz for a few years now about select early reissues, so grab one whilst you can

So in no particular order let me reveal a host of info :-

Tonal character from a set of Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell pick-ups – It came into stock with these pick-ups fitted – But I had chance to try it with a set of Gibson Custom Shop R8/R9 pick-ups, with maybe the aim of offering it for sale with a set of authentic replica pick-ups – Glad I tried it first, as in my opinion the Rebel Yell pick-ups walked all over the Gibson humbuckers , so yes the pick ups were once again changed and it is now sold with the Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell models fitted – Yes all humbuckers sound fat, rich and smooth – Yet the finer nuances offer variations within this criteria – The Rebel Yell pick-ups offered more in all areas, regarding clarity, warmth, soul etc etc etc  – On clean amp settings it will produce plenty of character for lush laid back blues/jazz – To the point you won’t get bored with ‘The thrill is gone’ type of songs – Almost a single coil clarity compliments the big fat warmth on offer – Yet I dare say most LP’s spend their time plugged into the gain channel on the amp – Playing around with regular blues rock styles of Green, Kossoff and Moore and this LP delivers – Smooth, rich and warm to throaty bark with just enough bite – Just enough muscle in the mids to add body but not overpower so as to go mushy/moody , yet it adds to the guitars depth of sustain – Utilise the volume control to adjust the level of gain required, with even just an edit to the tone pot if required – This approach will allow you to set up base camp with the volume pot on/around 6/7 for more of a clean chilled out voice with a hint of gain – Then back to 10 when you require more gain – As such subtle tweaks produce effective variations in gain – As such so much emotional control at your fingertips

Now on to more gain on the amp and this is where the Rebel Yell pick-ups really score – As a known reference point, It gives you more of that ‘Slash’ AFD voice with good muscle in the mids – Some LP’s run out of steam when you require a bit more gain, yet this R8 is in its element – In fact playing around with the volume pots and both less gain, or hi-gain and a host of useful voices are on offer – As such with the volume pots on 10 with a low gain amp settings, sounds different to the pots on/around 6/7 with a hi-gain amp setting – I found leaving the amp on hi-gain, but with the volume pot back around the 6 mark delivers the ‘Still got the blues’ tone and sustain, on either neck or bridge pick-ups – Yet wind the volume pot back towards 10 when you want more of a full on approach – Power chords and 2 note riffs sound tight and in control with good articulation plus big clear lows – Lush to bite, smooth and lush to raw and this LP offers so much  – It offers so much emotion, soul, passion and expression across both clean and gain amp settings  – It certainly is not a one trick pony

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