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Hard to believe I sold this Tele around 4 years ago – Time flies by but once again I can offer it for sale, albeit now as a  used instrument – One very careful and discerning  owner, so effectively still in a shiny as new showroom condition – So hunt long and hard to find any hint of a blemish – If you hate aged/relic models, then this new shiny NOS gloss finish could well be up your street – So what else can I tell you about this 2014 Fender Custom Shop American Custom Tele with a faded lake placid blue finish – It has had a couple of subtle changes to the original spec :-

For now read my original web site notes for this Custom Tele from when I first listed it back in 2014 :- Tasked with the job of blending all the  appropriate mojo that can be found within a Pre CBS vintage Telecaster, with modern hardware, plus features that will enrich the way the guitar performs,  has resulted in the birth of the Fender Custom Shop American Custom Telecaster – Some might say it possesses a vintage chassis, with ‘Formula 1’ upgraded appointments – Some might say it is a modern twist on a classic design, that retains key vintage attributes – Yet after all, the most important factor is to just play it – Feel how it handles – Listen to how it sounds, then judge for yourself – This way you can appreciate it for what it is and not what it isn’t – Feel, tone and the playing performance surely takes priority over spec, features and cosmetic appearance – However the feel, tone and playing performance are perhaps the hardest features for me to describe using a few appropriate adjectives from the English dictionary

Overview of the American Custom Tele includes a shiny gloss faded lake placid blue finish, so no aged mojo on this Tele – Parchment binding on a select two piece light weight and resonant alder body – Weight watchers will adore the fact that it sits on our scales at only 7lbs and 9oz  – Then check out the figured maple neck, with a very dark, smooth and even grained rosewood fingerboard – Note truss rod adjustment is at the top nut end, so easy access, if and when required – Some upgraded features are clearly visible like the modern 6 way bridge assembly with a steel base plate, plus  solid brass saddles, all of which are chrome plated – Then note the deluxe machine heads with pearl tuning buttons – Less obvious upgrades include a bone top nut, 22 narrow jumbo frets, whilst the 9.5″ to 12″ compound radius is something you’ll feel, but barely see – Regular spec includes a barrel switch tip plus domed/knurled control knobs – Schaller strap locks on this Tele – Black Custom Shop case with appropriate decal in the inner case lid – Includes Custom Shop certificate

Feel/Playability :- The neck feels perfect – Not to fat and not to thin – tagged as a Large C profile so it is straight from the 60’s camp and very much influenced by the larger classic C profile found on the likes of SRV’s Strat -Measures .910″ around the top nut end and .965″ the 12th fret – Just enough depth to add tone, sustain and stability, yet not so fat that it can impede the feel and the way it handles – Very comfortable with a rounded feel about it  – Rolled edges on the fingerboard further enhance its comfort – Add a 9.5″ to 12″ compound fingerboard radius, plus  a set of narrow jumbo frets and you’ll now find a Tele with a slick and easy playing action  – Set up with a set of 10’s and an action that only requires a light touch to play it – Of course we can edit the set-up as required, so just ask – String bending is controlled and effortless and a few brave players might even try a set of 11’s since 10’s feel so slinky – It certainly does not feel like you are fighting the guitar to get the best out of it, but if you like things a touch tougher, than try 11’s or a slightly higher action as required – Jazz chords or fancy licks are not a challenge to play on this Tele, so equally if you just want to dig into something simple and old school, then this Tele won’t let you down – As an overview the neck is old school but the fingerboard is new school

Tonal character and a set of Bare Knuckle Pile Driver pick-ups – Perhaps a touch more muscle on this set then the original models – Alnico V magnets on both neck + bridge , with flat pole pieces on the bridge pick up – Neck measures 7.22 whilst the bridge kicks out  a healthy 12.96K – Still plenty of Tele twang, with clear lows, plus full sweet highs that are smooth  and throaty mids – Now controlled via a 4 way switch – So as well as your regular 3 Tele voices, you’ll find a 4th position, that now places the two pick-ups in series, to act as a humbucker for a fat smooth voice – Use as required

On clean amp settings it still sounds like a good Tele – Twang, bite and balls in the bridge position and crisp/clear and rich in the neck – Albeit with a touch more muscle or body within its character – Add some gain on your amp and this is where the extra muscle shines – On a hi-gain amp setting this Tele can kick down a barn door, without sounding sharp or shrill like – Controlled tight lows with plenty of highs that remain melodic smooth highs at all times – Yet still delivers no shortage of bite/attack when the volume pot is on 10 – Roll it down to 6-8 region for less gain and a voice that is more in control – It never sounds brittle but it can kick and bite as required – Move to the neck position for more of a lush succulent voice with crisp clear highs – At all times, subtle variations on the vol/tone pots deliver variations that allow for so much more expression and emotion – Utilise this approach to control the gain required on the amp – From clean and chilled out jazz/blues, to bone crunching rock or back to crunch rhythm and a good Tele has no trouble handling such different styles – This is a Tele that has a lot going for it

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