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As far as I’m concerned then Guitars4You is about quality and not quantity – I don’t have a large corporate style showroom with thousands of  guitars on the wall (maybe my strap line could be ‘the great little guitar shop’), therefore my policy is to offer for sale a discerning selection of guitars that possess passion and soul, coupled with that all important playing performance, that just feels so right – The criteria and ingredients that go into any particular guitar varies dramatically, yet when a new shipment arrives into stock and I open the case, I’m looking for a guitar that is loaded with some magical mojo – Maybe I can’t always put a finger on exactly what that mojo is, but when I hear it, feel it and play it, my hands and ears can instantly tell me what it is – That is why I like to buy one guitar at a time, as it allows me time to fully evaluate each instrument (imagine trying to do this when you have a large corporate showroom and UPS deliver another 50 card board boxes) – I’m fortunate that my job and passion amount to the same thing, so buying, playing, selling and owning exceptionally fine guitars is a pleasurable experience, as I get a chance to handle many fine instruments, like this new Fender Custom Shop 68 Relic Strat with an aged olympic white finish – Add a set of hand wound pick-ups to further wet the taste buds

Aged vibe :- The classic ‘aged olympic white’ finish is authentically aged to reflect around 50 years of regular use, so it captures the mellow and faded character of a guitar that has seen its fair share of action in a smokey blues bar, without looking abused – You’ll find plenty of lacquer checking, yet compared with other relic models you’ll find far less dings, nicks and worn patches – If you don’t like the vibe of a seriously aged finish, then cast your eyes over this Strat – At least you can buy it, then play it, without having to give it the kids glove treatment – All the vintage spec’d hardware is lightly aged accordingly, including the control knobs and switch tip

Full spec and details are detailed below :-

User friendly playing performance :- the big plus on this Strat is how it feels and how well it plays – The ’69’ U profile possesses a very comfortable amount of depth, but not to the point that it feels fat, or indeed impedes your own playing technique – With an easy playing action, a 9.5″ fingerboard radius, along with a set of narrow jumbo 6105 frets, then a chunkier neck does not need to feel hard to handle – Maybe a big neck with small frets and a high action can be somewhat of a handful, but this Strat is very user friendly, to the point that the playing action is effortless and responds to a light touch, so try out a few fluid licks and tricks – A set of 10’s now feel slinky and even big  blues bends and controlled vibrato can be conquered without any effort – The action is slick and fluid along all 6 strings and all 21 frets – It instantly feels as though your left hand and the neck have known each other for years, in part thanks to more of a satin played in vibe on the maple neck

Weight and that vibrant acoustic character – Play it un-plugged and strum a few open chords and you’ll certainly hear the lively acoustic vibe of this hand picked alder body – You can even feel it vibrate against your rib cage – Weight watchers will adore the fact that it only weighs 7lbs and 11oz, but to me the weight is not as important as the tone and this Strat is loaded with soul, expression and emotion- As I often say, ‘it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that ring’, so  in this instance you have the weight and the big open tone in your favour

Tone:- I suppose as it is spec’d as a ’68’ Strat, with a pair of authentic hand wound pick-ups in the neck and bridge position, complete with grey bobbins, then it is hard not to bring into play all of the vibe and character that you’d associate with Hendrix – The ’69’ pick-ups are probably the least powered of all the vintage Strat pick-ups,  yet of course it is not about the output level but the guitars tonal character, so in this case you’ll hear a sweet, soft, smooth voice that is crisp and sparkling, coupled with a fast responsive attack and dynamics – Part of the tonal character of the ’69’ grey bobbin pick-ups are transparent mids that sound slightly scooped, hence they are now very much a favourite of John Mayer, amongst others – Set  up your amp with more of a subtle level of overdrive, then leave the guitar’s volume pot rolled off to around 6 or 7 – Let this be your base tone, whereby the guitar still retains its true expression and character, but you now have more of a clean chilled out vibe – Then as and when required, you can wind the volume pot back towards 10 for that additional boost, attack, bite and edge – On an amp with a hi-gain setting the same principle applies, but now it allows you to dial in more or less overdrive as required, so on 10 you have maximum bite with a touch more edge and fizzle to it – Just as though you have the rev counter on 10 – So now roll off the Strat’s volume pot a touch, for a more controlled overdriven tone, with softer edges that sound more in control – Hence lots of tonal character, expression, soul and emotion is instantly at your fingertips – The quack tones are  instantly infectious, with an angelic vocal character that is warm, smooth and crisp  – On clean amp settings the Strat’s overall tonal character is succulent, smooth and melodic – Many well testify that that Little Wing and The Wind Cries Mary are two of the finest Strat tones you’ll ever hear, so even without the magical touch of Hendrix, at least this Strat possesses all the right ingredients to take you in the right direction – To compliment the lush nature of the 69 pick-ups in the neck and middle you’ll discover a slightly hotter hand wound Texas Special in the bridge position, to add a touch more body and muscle, so extra welly for riffs and screamin lead work – It is not harsh, but adds more meat as required, with tight lows, plus just enough mids for punch, whilst highs glisten and don’t over power – So volume pot on 10 =’s bite, whilst on 6 or 7 is for melodic/smooth/lush – A ’69’ in the bridge can tend to be a touch thin and anemic on overdriven amp settings, as such, this combination ensures a well balanced set of voices across all 5 switch settings – Remember this Strat is spec’d with a tone pot for the bridge pick-up, so roll off any slight fizzy highs that you might hear on overdriven amp settings, if required of course, for a more melodic approach

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