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I would imagine that many guitar players have owned, played or desired a Gibson 335 at some point or another – As such they need very little introduction from me – I think I’m right in saying that since its launch date, in the late 50’s, the 335 has been ever present in every Gibson catalogue, year on year – On that basis, with over 60 years of uninterrupted production behind it, no other Gibson electric guitar can match that achievement – It is certainly  a testament to its popularity – Surely the 335’s legacy is its ability to work so well in so many different musical environments – With this in mind, I never get bored of acquiring such guitars for stock – So does this Gibson Nashville Custom Shop 59 ES335 Re-issue entice you into parting with hard saved funds  ?

Have Gibson set out to confuse us all ? – What with the Historic Collection 335 Dot , Custom Shop 335 Dot or  even just the ES335 Dot – So which is which ?  Effectively they can all be placed on the same shelf of the library, yet Gibson have changed the name tag on a number of occasions, coupled with the ‘best ever’ vintage tweak here and there, in that endless pursuit of delivering the ultimate  335 dot replica – For a while now Gibson  ran with a ‘Custom Shop’ facility in both Nashville and Memphis , so yes further confusion and questions for many of us to consider – However it is generally accepted amongst many players and the forum fraternity alike,  that when it comes to the 335 ’59’ Dot reissues,  the Custom Shop facility in Nashville offers highly spec’d models with the correct period features – So yes I can now offer for sale a Gibson Custom Shop ’59’ ES335 Dot Reissue all the way from Nashville, with a date of birth as 2017 – So in no particular order I’ve listed a host of details below :-

Tonal character :- A pair of Gibson PAF replica pick-ups sit at the heart of the tone department – They both kick out 8.2K with plenty of smooth creamy warmth plus excellent articulation – The neck pick-up is lush, rich, smooth and fat with excellent clarity – It loves chilled out jazz/blues, so milk out every last drop of emotion, when playing those minor pentatonic blues licks through a slightly overdriven amp setting – In contrast the bridge pick-up is not short of depth and body – It possesses a nice hint of a fat ‘Nocaster’ bite and attack about it, with tights low, yet always warm/melodic – Hence somewhat of  a Jekyll and Hyde contrast across both pick-up options – As such leave the selector switch in the middle, then blend the  volume pots as required, for a varied tonal palette that works well in so many different genres – Leave the 335’s volume pots on 10 at all times and you severely limit the guitars expression, soul and emotion – Therefore start of with the volume pot around the 6/7 mark, then wind it back towards 10 as you require that additional boost – Subtle but effective tweaks on the volume pots allow you to control the level of gain on the amp, from that full on vibe, to a softer clean voice, as required – As such, you and the guitar now control the amp – The chunky neck helps to iron out any dead spots on the fingerboard so each note blossoms and blooms – By all means show of a few tasty licks as required, but for expression and soul then just chill out and take your time before playing the next note – This 335 is laded with tone and emotion




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