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Doesn’t time fly by – Hard to imagine that this Fender Custom Shop 1960 Heavy Relic Strat is now over 10 years old – The certificate indicates a 2008 date of birth, which is further supported by the 2008 Abbey Road tag – Such a tag represents that this Strat would have been custom ordered for a ‘UK Custom Shop Show Case Dealer’ event – I can vouch for the fact that it has only had own careful and discerning owner since new – Home use only and barely played – Sure we can have fun with the ‘as new’ condition on a seriously aged finish, but it is easy to establish that you’ll not find any hint of any fret wear – Plus the case, certificate, tags and accessory pack are all included and in good order

Full spec and details :- 

Playing performance:-  The feel of the maple neck is pure vintage – It has the classic 60’s Oval C neck profile, with a thin nitro aged finish, that has been fully cut back to leave you with that ‘dirty/worn’ vibe,  that feels so natural with a ‘played in’ from day one character- For a slick playing performance it is spec’d with a 9.5″ fingerboard radius, along with a set of medium jumbo frets – As such a fluid playing action awaits any prospective buyer – Effortless string bending and no choking out – A set of 10’s now feel so much more slinky – If you want a Strat that allows you to play in the fast lane, or drop into moody minor blues lick mode, with loads of emotion, soul and passion, then this is an ideal combination as it blends the vintage feel from the neck and a modern slick playing performance from the fingerboard, courtesy of those chunkier frets – The neck starts of with that ‘melt in your hand’ C profile that measures .818″ deep at the top nut end, then fattens out to a  .934″ depth at the 12th fret – Some will say pure vintage magic

Tonal Character :- 3 traditional, vintage flavoured, single coil pick-ups on a Strat is fine for many styles of music, but what if you want to rip it up a bit more, for a hot classic rock solo, plus those driving boogie style riffs, then chances are you’ll need a bit more welly from the bridge pick-up – Over the years many rock based players have added a humbucker to the bridge position and now Fender have done like wise to a vintage spec Custom Shop Strat – Equipped with a pair of Fender Custom Shop Texas Special single coil pick-ups, along with a Seymour Duncan SH4 JB humbucker on a tortoiseshell pick guard, controlled via a 5 way switch – Just to let you know that when you combine the middle pick-up with the bridge humbucker on position 4 of this Strat, you still obtain the classic ‘out of phase’ tone, as the humbucker is automatically coil tapped, so as not to over power the single coil pick-up – On clean amp settings you can obtain the classic crisp and funky tones that a Strat is famous for – Albeit with  more output and girth from the humbucker – So dial in some gain for classic rock and hot blues – Think Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd to name just a few  – No shortage of attack – Fully responsive and dynamic – The guitar performs well with the volume and/or tone pots rolled off a touch, for a softer voice, without losing any of the guitars natural goodness and expression – As such with the volume pot rolled off to around 6, or 7, you’ll find this is a great place to set up your base camp – On that basis you can bring the volume pot back towards its ‘wide open’ number 10 position, as and when you require, that extra boost, edge and bite – Hence a flexible and responsive tonal palette is available to you, that ensures this Strat is loaded with soul and emotion – Remember to utilise the push/push S1 switch if you wish to tap and reduce the SH4 humbucker from around 15.6K to 8K – So less girth and more of a spanky single coil voice

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