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Is it me, or are guitar names and model descriptions getting longer ? So how about this for example –  Suhr Standard Korina Flame Limited Edition – A very clean used example from 2012 –  #9 of a limited run of only 70, with a bengal burst gloss finish – I suppose the model name does supply you with some additional information – So now you know this is the Suhr Standard, that is part of a limited edition run, that is highly spec and upgraded with a highly figured flamed maple top, with a light weight and highly resonant korina body, as well as a korina neck

How about a few additional comments ?  Upon removing this guitar from the deluxe USA G&G custom case, then casting your eyes over every single detail, curve and contour you will a) fully appreciate the exemplary workmanship undertaken by John Suhr and his small team of dedicated luthiers  b) quickly discover that it will only take a few seconds of playing a few select licks, to realise that this Suhr has a lot going for it with regards to its playing performance   c) see that the guitars aesthetic qualities speak for itself  d) find very little in the way of a surface blemish, to reveal this guitar is now 6 years old – If it is not in as ‘new showroom’ condition, then it is very very close to acquiring that tag – You could well end up searching the gloss finish for a few minutes to find previous signs of use – As such you’d have to be very pernickety to have any issues with the condition – Re-strung and set-up with a set of 10′ s and a slick easy action

Released in 2012 as a limited run, so according to the supplied spec sheet let me enlighten you with some additional details :-  

Playing performance :- Suhr, Anderson and Tyler have the knack of taking a Fender based neck and turning it into a slick machine whereby only a light touch is required, so fast and fluid licks are so simple to play – Further more, a set of 10’s now feel slinky, so string bending is so easy, effortless and controlled – So from a feel point of view it is very hard to have negative comments about the way the guitar  plays and performs – It certainly allows you to maximise your playing ability, be it that you are a pro player or simply an enthusiast (as many of us are)  – The natural satin feel of the korina neck ensures this Suhr feels played in and oh so familiar from day one

Tonal character :-  2 key comments – First of all, the nature of a bolt on neck, leads the guitar towards the crisp and lively character of a Strat  – Secondly, the chambered body gives the guitar a natural lively resonance that is loaded with expression   Now we add the korina body and neck and you now have the blend of warmth and resonance to add to the natural lively and crisp character – Note definition is excellent on clean and overdriven amp settings – Possibly think of a Strat with additional warmth and softer sweet highs that still retain a crisp character and that might give you a good indication of were this Suhr is at  – The V60 single coil pick-ups deliver smooth sparkling highs, focused mids and tight percussive lows with a vintage flavoured output  – The DSH humbucker delivers a vintage level of warmth, character and output, with smooth highs, tight lows and transparent mids, so it can scream and bite yet retains its musical character and expression – As a rock guitar, through overdriven amp settings you’ll find shed loads of expression and emotion, with the volume pot working smoothly from 10 down towards 4, 5 and 6 for more of a chilled out voice that will reduce the overdrive level – Hence you and the guitar control the amp as and when required – On clean amp settings, just think of it like you would a good Strat and don’t forget those 2 funky out of phase voices – No one guitar is the be all and end all, that does it all regarding tonal character, yet as a working tool this Suhr can do a hell of a lot

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