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In the grand scheme of things, then £1390 for a vintage, mid 60’s, Epiphone Olympic, is certainly more in the land of affordable – It probably won’t appeal to the collector wanting a pure vintage thoroughbred, that might well end up as a case queen – But for the player requiring a cool, affordable and playable vintage guitar then read on – In no particular order I’ve listed a host of details below :-

Now to the interesting bit and to me this is what makes this Epi so attractive – The factory single coil pick-ups on both the Melody Maker and Olympics tend to be weak, thin and weedy – This pick-up has been changed to a hand wound Curtis Novak MM90 – Check out his web site and  in particular the pick-up that now sits in this Olympic – Click here – It retains the appearance of the original single coil pick-up, but sounds and performs more like a P90 (still a single coil pick-up) – Under the ‘bonnet’ and the pick-up is physically larger, but most of the coil still sits within the original size single coil cover – It kicks out a healthy 11.59K – Growls and kicks dirt – So effectively sounds far more like an SG Junior – Try a few of those Who style big power chords, Tom Petty style riffs, simple rhythmic blues styles of Bo Diddley and Muddy Waters, or even a few Green Day style punk licks and the tone is big – It possesses so much character and attitude – Trim the volume pot a touch for a more controlled and melodic voice, hence more expression as required – It certainly delivers far more than you’d probably expect – Coupled with a good refret to medium/jumbo frets and the whole playing performance is far more slick – It is not going to be an EVH speed machine, or a pure SRV blues guitar, but it is an easy guitar to handle – You don’t have to keep all your playing simplistic to get the best out of it, but in my opinion it is a guitar that is more about the song and less about ‘flashy solos’ – It is loaded with character and shows that not all desirable vintage need to have a big price tag

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