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I’ve recently acquired a highly desirable Fender 1973 Tele and am now able to offer it for sale at £3575 – I’ll fill you in further below with all the appropriate info, but for now I want to tell you 2 quick stories :-

1)  On first, second and even third viewing, I believed this Tele was all original – A few very eagle eyed players may have already found the only change, by closely looking at my web site pics – The only change only became apparent to me, when I decided to clean the gearing on the machine heads – They were a bit stiff, so I suspected they were bunged up with years of gunk – It was only at this point that I noticed the B string tuner was slightly different – This Tele has the earlier F stamped tuners, whereby you can see the cog, once you remove the cover – The B string is the later version, with a sealed gearing, once the cover is removed – As I mentioned above, this is barely noticeable, even with close scrutiny, but on the relevant pics you can see the missing black ‘pin’ on the B string – I dare say if it is an issue for any prospective buyer, then a tour of E-bay, Reverb etc and you may either find one spare tuner, or indeed a set of 6 and replace accordingly – Otherwise it appears as though everything else is as it should be and that includes the original blue factory tag, as well as the ‘ash tray’ bridge cover

2)  It is believed to have had only one owner since new – It is offered for sale complete with a copy of the original sales receipt, from when it was purchased for £154 in 1974, from Top Gear Music on Denmark St, in London – Note only £14 vat in those days – And note £154  along with the  correct and matching serial number – 412594 – So a nice bit of history to go with it  – It came into stock with a totally crap and knackered case – The type of UK built, black nondescript case, that was common in the 70’s and 80’s – It was par for the course during this period, that many dealers offered Fenders for sale without a case, in order to make their prices look more heavily discounted in the likes of Melody Maker adverts – A more expensive price tag was available on request that included a correct factory supplied Fender case – Or indeed a mid priced option with the black nondescript UK built wood case – The case was so ‘knackered’ that I have binned it – As such it is currently offered for sale with a deluxe Rock Ready gig bag

Further information in no particular order :- 

Tonal character is what you’d expect from a Tele from this era – Chilled or crisp from the neck pick-up, as you choose to run it with the tone pot wide open on 10, or rolled back a touch – Bite and twang from the bridge pick-up – The Tele has always had the ability to perform through a clean amp setting,  or kick dirt, if required through an overdriven amp setting – A Tele from the late 60’s or early 70’s era might not have the same appeal as a similar model from the pre CBS glory era – Equally it doesn’t command the same price tag – Yet equally early 70’s models had not suffered the weight and build quality issues that you find on most/many Teles from the mid/later part of the 70’s – So vintage appeal with a more sensible price tag

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