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By the time we arrived in the early 80’s  the reputation of the Made In Japan tag was firmly established, with Ibanez and Yamaha in particular leading the way  – Yet in the early 80’s Fender were undergoing many changes, with a new management team at the helm – New directions and policies were in place, whilst the USA Fullerton factory was no longer in operation  – As such there was somewhat of a fact finding mission in place, as Fender were trying to ‘find’ themselves – One such trial concerned the Jap built Fender Flame and Esprit models, both developed by Dan Smith and built in the Fujigen Gakki factory – Somewhat influenced by the success of the Ibanez Artist and Yamaha SG models, the Flame and Esprit were expected to produce healthy sales figures – With initial prices around the £500 price mark, they just about flopped from day one, with almost zero interest shown by the public – As such Fender discontinued the range and cleared out old stock, at crazy prices, after only 2 years of production -Once on offer, I recall buying a selection of both models to sell for under £300 – They flew out of the door and to a large degree that was the end of it – Then around 1988 Robben Ford released ‘Talk to your daughter’ to much acclaim amongst guitar players – At this stage Robben favoured using the Esprit and ever since then  demand and awareness of both models has increased –So let me welcome into stock a used Fender Flame Standard – Part of the original Master Series run from 1985 with a classic sunburst finish 

In no particular order let me update you with a load of additional info  :- 

Tonal character :- Fat, rich, clear and crisp, with more of a 335 articulation about it, compared to the fat ‘moody’ character of an LP – Maybe this is apparent when you listen to Robben Ford’s Talk to your daughter album  – On clean amp settings it possesses enough warmth and character for jazz orientated passages, or indeed the BB King clean style of blues – More lush on the neck pick-up and more bright on the bridge pick-up – Stay on the bridge pick-up, or indeed both pick-ups, then add the coil tap option and you’ll find some useful single coil ‘Chic’ influenced voices for funky chord chops  – Add some gain and whilst it will happily deliver the goods with a saturated hi-gain amp setting, I feel it works better with a ‘less is more’ approach, hence less gain – Under such conditions it will reveal far more of its expressive qualities and dynamic range – So probably more Steely Dan and less Green Day – As such it allows those complex jazz flavoured chords to be clearly heard and cut through the mix – Equally, cascading licks, or expressive pentatonic bends  can be played with ease on such a guitar – It is hard not to be influenced by Robben Ford when you are looking at the potential of buying such a guitar – No one guitar does it all anyway, but for Jazz, blues, fusion, funk and pop, then I think the Fender Flame will be at home

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