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A Fender James Burton Signature Tele is certainly distinctive – There is no mistaking what it is, is there ? – This is a used model from 2015, complete with the correct moulded Fender case, a host of tags, the manual and appropriate strap locks – Condition wise and it is a very clean instrument – Initial thoughts are that it has barely been played, so a more detailed tour will be required to find any hints of a slight graze – There is a hint of wear on the gold hardware – Nothing new on that account, but it is slight – A couple of pick marks might be found in the usual area, to the very top surface of the gloss finish, but we are talking minuscule portions – But overall you’d have to be very fussy to have an issues with the overall condition – Re-strung and set-up with a set of 10’s and a slick easy action

Product details and features are as follows :- 

Playing performance :-   James Burton isn’t  the only Tele based player who favours the three pick-up ‘Nashville style’ format on a Tele – It is now a common spec amongst a host of hot country players – The obvious option is that it now gives you access to the 2 classic ‘out of phase’ voices that Strat players have enjoyed for many years – Click here to view a video clip of JB showing of a few licks on such a guitar – Additionally, the S1 switch, discreetly hidden within the volume pot, allows you two additional voices – When the 5 way switch is left on position 2 or 4 (ie the out of phase setting) and the S1 switch is now ‘down’ it will allow you to select the middle/neck or middle/bridge in series – Effectively you now have a humbucking pick-up in either the neck or bridge position – So additional ooomph as required in the bridge position for power chords  ‘n’  riffs or scorching hot lead licks – Whilst in the neck position it delivers a fat, full, smooth and warm voice that suits laid back jazz/blues voices – Overall it makes it a very versatile package that covers many style of music – The guitar is set-up with a slick easy action – So much so that a set of 10’s don’t feel so stiff – A satin finish ensures it has somewhat of a ‘played in’ vibe, so none of the stick nature you’ll often find on a gloss finish – The neck has a comfortable amount of girth, but certainly not fat or full – Certainly within the feel and size of Fender’s from the mid/late 60’s era – To a degree, a vintage flavoured Strat/Tele has a similar feel, yet equally they feel different, yet the neck dimensions are similar – So nothing unusual about how it feels/plays – The 9.5″ fingerboard radius allows for a well balance and slick action, so it is not a ‘bitch’ to play – Set-up with a set of 10’s and an easy action that responds to a light touch

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