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Today the budget invasion of PRS Guitars includes the SE series from the far east, along with the entry level USA models, known as the S2 Series – Yet go back to the early 90’s and the EG Series was the first of the more affordable models to be released – Still built entirely in the USA, yet spec’d with a far more simplistic approach than you would find on the boutique flavoured Custom 24 models – So welcome into stock a used PRS EG-4 from 1991, with a rare and ultra cool burgundy mist metallic finish – Still complete with the original deluxe PRS case, as well as the original tag – No fancy bird inlays, in fact no fancy trimmings at all, so no supa dupa highly figured maple top, that features the ‘natural’ body binding, which has become so much a part of the PRS image – The whole approach towards the EG series was simplistic and functional, yet still professional – This format allowed PRS to deliver the EG models at a price that was far below the boutique models of the day – The EG models became the first PRS Guitar to feature  22 frets

In no particular order let me update you with a few key details regarding this used, 1991 PRS EG-4  :- 

Condition wise and the whole guitar shows more of a lighter side of use – So light compression marks and grazes to the top surface of the gloss finish – No nasty grazes, nicks or dings that show the wood, so nothing untoward that you’d expect from a guitar that is now well over 25 years old – Usual tarnishing to the nickel hardware, plus wear to a couple of the bridge saddles were you’d rest your picking hand

The whole guitar is Strat flavoured regarding its tonal character, or should I say that of a Strat with the hot rod HSS format – So crisp with plenty of snap and attack from the single coil pick-ups, yet shed loads of grunt from the humbucker – Playing around with the EG-4 on clean and overdriven amp settings I preferred the single coil tones on clean and more subtle overdriven amp settings – So Chic to Knopfler and Little Wing – Yet when it comes to hi-gain rock with screaming solos, plus bone crunching rhythm and riffs and the hot humbucker is on home territory

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