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How a guitar feels, plays and sounds are very important considerations when it comes to buying any guitar – Yet a web site is not the best place to actually undertake the ‘hands on test drive’ approach – As such the aesthetic qualities of any guitar tends to be a key criteria that often initially attracts a potential buyer – On that basis this Gibson Historic Collection 59 Les Paul Reissue has a lot going for it  – It is a 2005 model complete with the brown vintage case, as well as the appropriate Historic Collection certificate – I’m sure you have already checked out that exquisite figured maple top, that is loaded with so much individual character, then covered with a ‘faded tobacco burst’ nitro finish – In no particular order let me further enrich you with a host of additional info :-

Tonal character :-  My first test of any Les Paul is to dial in just enough gain on the amp, to allow the guitar to sing, for what many would say is the classic rock/blues voice – I often quote ‘All right now’ as a reference point to illustrate the level of gain I use at this stage – Now play around with the volume pots to find different levels of gain, to the point of finding a cleaner, chilled out voice, as and when required – As such I’m trying to find if the guitar has the desired level of expression that I require, so I can leave the amp alone – As such I can leave the guitar on/around the 6/7 mark for most of the time, then wind it back towards 10, as and when I need to make more of a ‘full on’ statement – The good news is this LP delivers, so no shortage of soul, emotion and expression at your fingertips  – Now we’ll move onto see how it works when the amp is set-up to deliver a clean tone – I know most LP’s spend a large part of their time plugged into an overdriven amp setting, yet we actually forget that the LP was designed, back in the 50’s,  to be played with a clean amp – Maybe one of the world’s best accidents, was when someone, back in the early/mid 60’s, plugged an LP into a valve amp, turned it up and let it sing and since that day classic rock and blues has had a love affair with a flamed top LP – But on a cleaner amp setting the tone is lush and smooth with excellent articulation – Try some clean Pete Green/Albatross style licks, or cool jazz/blues flavoured chords and this LP oozes quality

Now add some overdrive and this takes us on to another level as you hear those classic smouldering LP tones that blossom and bloom – The neck pick-up can deliver those luxurious tones that puuuuuurrrrrss  – The bridge pick-up delivers a tight and focused voice that can bite and snarl, as required, for power chords ‘n’ riffs, or scorching hot licks – With subtle gain levels on the amp, or hi-gain amp settings, the guitars volume pots always deliver the required expression, as subtle variations on the volume pots deliver effective results, with a nice contrast between the neck and bridge pick-ups  – The overall tone is big and punchy, with lows that are tight, yet retain clarity and definition – Mids are fat and clear and never over power – The top end delivers a nice sparkle that can bite as required – I always think a good guitar should be able to deliver the expression of a good singer, from the angelic + smooth clean voice of Karen Carpenter, to the more ballsy voice of Beth Hart – Yet to me the heart of a good LP is that it should compliment that velvet smooth rock blues voice of Paul Rodgers

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