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I suppose the term cool is a matter of taste and opinion – As such this Gretsch G6129TL Sparkle Jet will attract similar discussions to that of Marmite – Yet with its distinctive light blue pearl finish it certainly stands out from the crowd – It is  a very clean used example from 1997 that includes the original Gretsch shaped case – Condition wise it is clean without ever approaching the ‘showroom condition’ tag – No nasty grazes, dings or dints, yet equally you’ll find a few compression marks and grazes to the top surface of the gloss finish – Certainly nothing nasty – For a guitar that is now over 20 years old it is hard to find negative issues with the finish – Re-strung and set-up with a set of 10/52 gauge strings – I feel the 10/52 gauge works better on such a guitar than a regular set of 10/46 gauge – The extra meat on the lower wound strings, allows for a slick action, with no rattles, as and when you attack those walking bass lines for country or rock a billy – Additional comments go to the weight at 8lbs and 11oz, so pretty much comparable to many Gibson LP’s, which is hardly a surprise as there are common grounds within the spec and materials

It was not to long ago the previous owner spent in excess of £450 on a complete set-up with appropriate ‘upgrades’ – On that basis let me update you with such work carried out by a professional guitar tech :-   Complete re-fret with new binding – More of a medium jumbo gauge that in my opinion enhances the guitars playing performance – A slick easy action awaits any prospective buyer   Complete upgrade to pots and wiring loom, switch and jack socket – All CTS and Switchcraft + new tone caps  New Bone top nut   Bridge pinned, so no need to worry about finding the exact placement for it after a re-string  Complete set-up as required

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Tonal character :- you can’t help but thinking a Gretsch is a country, rock ‘n’ roll or rockabilly flavoured guitar as they are seen on so many videos from the late 50’s era – Indeed they are fine guitars for such styles, both for the tonal character and part as they look so cool – That Gretsch rich twang is part of the 50’s sound – Equally with a clean amp setting, or subtle overdriven amp setting, they love to sit in a 60’s pop combo for that jingle jangle voice that is crisp and clear – Yet in recent years you’ll find them working in many Indie and/or Brit Pop bands – Add some overdive and for power chords, crunch rhythm, plus the more melodic side of solos, they possess so much character – Think Tom Petty, Charlatans etc – They can be sweet, or deliver some attitude – Great articulation with transparent mids, with clear lows and crisp highs – To much gain and some humbuckers strangle the voice with to much mids, which for chord work ensures to much of a mushy voice – Not so with a Filtertron as they possess far more articulation – As such you can obtain a big voice, with gain but no the sound will cut through the mix – Whilst delivering just enough bite and sustain for melodic riffs and lead licks

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Every guitar in stock at Guitars4You has been personally selected, inspected and approved by me, with particular attention paid to the set-up and playing performance – Every sale, phone call, mail order transaction or e-mail is handled my me – Mark Hopkin, the owner, Managing Director, cleaner and coffee maker (Jo, my wife helps with the coffee) – A 35 year journey has fuelled my knowledge, experience, love, devotion and passion for exceptionally fine guitars – This reflects in every aspect of our business.

I have no desire to run an Amazon style 'click to buy' guitar shop, that lacks any soul or passion, or indeed to fill a showroom with a selection of dirty, shop soiled or dusty guitars that are in need of a set-up.

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