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To be honest I could not raise my hand high in the air and  say I am a paid up member of the Rickenbacker fan club – Yet equally I do not dislike them in any way shape or form – Some of my favourite bands/artists are indeed members of the Ricky fan club – Yet they are so iconic with their own individuality – There is just no mistaking a Rickenbacker 330 – So whilst I’m not their number one fan, I kind of admire them, certainly for what a Rickenbacker represents – So I was more than happy to acquire this 1988 Rickenbacker 330, with a natural ‘mapleglo’ finish, for stock

Look through the history of pop and rock music and the big four USA guitar companies have dominated and influenced the market place – Fender, Gibson, Gretsch and Rickenbacker – Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, SGs and 335’s come in all shapes and sizes, from many different factories around the world – Some offer blatant replicas of such guitars, legal or otherwise, whilst other builders are certainly influenced by them, as they try to create something original – Yet Rickenbacker are the only company that have not gone down the ‘off shore’  far eastern manufacturing route – They have not tried to produce a budget USA model with less trimmings – They have not continually released another limited edition collectors run, to tie in with the start of a new calendar year, just to justify sales targets and a marketing team – They have not really ever changed anything – The two big selling models are the 330 and 360, both available with a 12 string option – They are still effectively the same today as when they first came to the market – They have certainly stuck to their principles – Maybe that is why a Ricky is so unique both with regards to how it looks and sounds – They ain’t about slinky cascading licks and widdly solos – But for big open chords, catchy arpeggios, melodic riffs or simplistic tuneful solos, then a Ricky has its place ie They are more about great songs as against great solos

The GI 7762 serial number helps to determine this is a July 1988 model, which is further confirmed by the CTS 137 88 pot dates – The guitar is original throughout – Come to think of it, you don’t see many Ricky’s with changed specs and features – Note the lightly figured maple neck, but other than that you’ll find no fancy trimmings on a 330 – The whole guitar weighs 8lbs – I’ve re-strung it, then set it up with a set of 10’s and a sensible action that you can dig into and attack as required, for those big power chords and riffs – Condition wise and this 330 has somewhat of a VOS/Light Relic character to it – Rickenbacker only offer their new guitars with a perfect nitro gloss finish – Whereas Gibson and Fender offer many vintage replicas with an aged finish – Some more subtle than others regarding such aged character – So this 330 does not look new, yet neither does it look abused and well worn – No shortage of lacquer checking, whilst the maple glo finish has a mellow smokey vibe to it that shows it has been played on a few occasions – In my opinion it gives the guitar plenty of played in character without looking wrecked – Frets are fine and everything else functions as it should – I’m not even going to talk about the tonal character of a 330 – You know what it can deliver and if you don’t then just spend 5 or 10 mins listening to The Beatles, The Who, The Jam, Tom Petty and REM just for starters  – Priced at £1339 – It came into stock with no case and whilst I’m on the hunt for one and will adjust the price accordingly if found, I currently offer it for sale with a 335/acoustic guitar gig bag

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