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Sign of the times I know, but I recall 1979 and the arrival of a Strat, with what we thought was some form of mushroom sunburst – At the time this new finish just never caught on – Many dealers reduced prices to move on old stock – Fender themselves offered dealers the chance to buy additional stock at reduced prices and there has always been talk about Fender having such a vast ‘old stock’ of such Strats that they had many re-finished, then sold them accordingly – Not sure if this is true or not, but the bottom line remained the same, in that around the late 70’s, sales of this new finish were not healthy – Jump forward a number of years and now they have become collectible with somewhat of a cool tag – Furthermore if you buy into the belief that a guitar can be classified as vintage after it is 30 years old, then maybe you can consider this Fender USA 1979 Strat, with an antiqua sunburst finish,  is now a vintage guitar – This Strat will have somewhat of an appeal to both the player and collector as it is all original, totally unmolested and pretty much in good condition – With the added appeal that it is to be sold with its original black case, with silver amp logo, plus bound and stitched leather ends, with all catches and handles in working order – Look inside the case and you’ll find the original strap, cable, case keys, tags + manual with the correct and matching serial number on an oblong sticker, warranty card, ash tray trem cover, trem arm and the brown envelope for trem springs

Let me now update you with additional info, in no particular order :-

It has only had 2 owners from new – I know the previous owner and have known him for many years and can account for him as more of a collector than a player – Likewise he knew the previous owner and can account for its history – As I mentioned earlier this is a totally un-molested clean original Strat with effectively no negative issues whatsoever – The original case candy just adds to the overall collectors vibe of such a guitar – I’ve seen many other similar examples with prices that are in excess of £2190, but a strong appeal of this Strat is the condition, originality and all the case candy, tags etc

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Every guitar in stock at Guitars4You has been personally selected, inspected and approved by me, with particular attention paid to the set-up and playing performance – Every sale, phone call, mail order transaction or e-mail is handled my me – Mark Hopkin, the owner, Managing Director, cleaner and coffee maker (Jo, my wife helps with the coffee) – A journey, now in excess of 40 years, has fuelled my knowledge, experience, love, devotion and passion for exceptionally fine guitars – This reflects in every aspect of our business.

I have no desire to run an Amazon style 'click to buy' guitar shop, that lacks any soul or passion, or indeed to fill a showroom with a selection of dirty, shop soiled or dusty guitars that are in need of a set-up.

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