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Time for me to have a serious complaint about this Gibson ES335 Joe Bonamassa Limited Edition Signature model – Yet in many ways it is a nice complaint – This 335 is such a wonderful guitar, so a) why call it a Joe Bonamassa Signature model ? b) why only make 365 of them ? and c) why not just call it a ‘vintage 61 dot inlay ES335’ and make it part of the yearly collection – Agree that it needs to be something more elite than a regular production model, but no reason that they can’t make it more available as part of a run of say 500 each year – In my opinion, for players wanting a vintage flavoured 335, then this is certainly a model that you should check out

Before I go any further then please click here for a very good review of this JoBo 335, courtesy of ‘Vintage Guitar Magazine’

Additional details regarding this Gibson ES335 Joe Bonamassa Signature model :- 

Tonal character :-  Easy to say it sounds like a 335 – Yet if you play enough 335’s you realise that there may well be a  ‘common ground’ characteristic, yet equally there is enough variation within that format to say not all 335’s are the same – Some have far more transparency about them, which may well favour the clean jazz/fusion voice of Larry Carlton – Some have fatter mids which favour the blues/rock voice of Clapton in his Cream days – The JoBo 335 is more like Eric’s with fatter mids – Still more transparency than an LP Standard – But overall more body to the overall tonal character – It can still sound nice, warm, chilled and laid back on clean amp settings – Yet overall this is a 335 that likes to find the gain channel on the amp or pedal – Highs are sweet and smooth and never sound harsh or brittle – Lows are clear and tight – Mids punch but never overpower but it is these mids that add grunt for scorching riffs and slicks licks when soloing – The big plus point is the taper of the pots, so as you and the guitar control the amp – Leave them on 10 to drive the amp for the full throttle option – Yet wind them back towards to 6 or 7 for less gain and a more laid back option, that stills retains the guitars character and integrity – As such you and the guitars volume pots control all the emotion, soul and passion that you want to milk from the amp – This is certainly a 335 that I could enjoy playing for a long long time – It certainly has a lot going for it

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