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When I was  recently offered the chance to trade in a Rickenbacker Combo 900, I have to admit that I did not know what it was – I’ve now sold guitars for around 40 years and I believe this is somewhat of a first to me – So naturally a quick tour of Google was required and ditto for a read in my History of Rickenbacker archives – So what can I tell you about this Rickenbacker Combo 900 ?  – Ultra rare for one thing – A tour of Google revealed only a handful for sale throughout the world – Granted rare and desirable don’t always go hand in hand – A Fender late 50’s electric violin is probably the least known about of all Fender instruments – Many of us have never seen one, let alone aware of it, but the value of a pre-cbs Strat, that were made in their 10’s of thousands, command big ticket money – Yet equally for what is now over 50 years old, it is far more affordable than many other electric guitars from the USA golden era – So as part of a collection it is cute and unique

Condition wise it is a very clean guitar – I don’t mean ‘as new mint’, but for a 50 year old instrument it has no issue  –  A couple of minor nicks on the rear of the body, otherwise any grazes to the mapleglo finish are minor, so all in all it has a faded aged mojo that reflects a played yet cared for character – All original from tip to toe, so no negative issues whatsoever – No changes (other than strings) – No structural issues – No refin or touch up on the nitro finish – Frets are still clean – Tuners still function – The 3 way switch, volume + tone pot still function  – No changes (other than strings) – No structural issues – No refin or touch up on the nitro finish – The only negative is that it has no case with it – Not sure if a regular visit to e-bay or reverb will ever reveal an original case  for sale  – Restrung and set-up with a set of Rickenbacker Short Scale Strings – By some weird coincidence I had a set of Ricky, nickel wound strings, in my bits box, so these are now fitted to this Combo 900 – 12-54 gauge with a wound 3rd, so ideal for such a guitar – The light weight aluminium bridge is old school with fixed intonation and as such it is spec’d for  a wound 3rd – With it been a short scale guitar then a regular set of 10’s is pointless on such a guitar – The likes of John Lennon would have used similar strings back in the early 60’s – As one of the pics shows, all the pots, switches and capacitors are all original – Pot dates show ‘6450’ which indicate a late 1964 period – Whilst the EA07 code on the bridge assembly states a Jan 1965 date of birth

Electrics :-  A single ‘toaster’ pick-up with a 3 way switch, so what is the score – It functions similar to that of a Fender Esquire – position one is a fixed ‘moody bass’ rhythm style so effectively all the highs rolled off – Position two is a fixed ‘open’ tone, as though the tone pot is on 10 – Position three and now the tone pot functions as required – So effectively 3 totally different voices at a flick of a switch

It is cute and rare and will be a great talking point in any collection – Is it the type of guitar to play in a covers band that will cover many different style and I’m sure we’ll all say no – Yet it is fun and a certain Mr Lennon played a similar short scale Rickenbacker on many of those early Beatles hits

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