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New Low Price on this Gretsch Nashville G6120 – Previously listed at £2900 – So how does £2499 tempt you ?

What are the key factors to look out for when you evaluate a vintage guitar ? – Is it all original ? – How does it perform regarding tonal character and playing performance ? – Condition – Any structural issues ? – Any customised hot rod work carried out ? – And I dare say I can go on ? – So what can I tell you about this Gretsch Nashville G6120 circa 1967 ? – It does not come with its original case, so maybe that is really the only negative I can throw at this 6120 – It now includes a replica style cream/tan case with brown trim, hence very usable and highly protective, but the original case apparently went missing many years ago – Some while ago it has been re-fretted with more of a medium/jumbo gauge and this has undoubtedly enhanced the playing performance – All well and good anyone stating the frets should be original, but on a 50 year old guitar, if they are worn then they are pretty pointless (Do you still find an original clutch plate on a 50 year old car that works ?) A re-fret does not harm the guitars integrity and it certainly should not impact on the guitars value and desirability – Re-strung and set-up with a set of 11’s (wound 3rd) and a slick playing action – I chose the 11’s as they are more authentic to this style of guitar, plus with a non-adjustable bridge regarding intonation, a plain 3rd is not ideal – I can of course adjust the string gauge and set-up as required – Some may well put the existing bridge and base plate in to retirement and utilise a more modern Gibson style tune-o-matic bridge to further enhance the playing performance, in particular if 10’s are required

Condition – Overall this is a clean example – The finish has mellowed and faded, whilst signs of lacquer checking are surely all part of the guitars mojo – No issues other than light wear and surface grazes – No dings or nicks to get upset about  – The gold hardware of course has faded and worn, but again this is all part of the aged character – Gretsch Guitars from the 50’s and 60’s can be somewhat notorious about ‘rotting’ binding on both the body and fingerboard – Check out the binding on this 6120 and you’ll find a couple of hairline splits, but everything is intact – As such if it is cared for, it should cause no issues for many decades to come – This is a played, yet cared for,  50 year old guitar with good integrity – It will allow you to both play it and enjoy it on a regular basis, yet equally it is a guitar that you can be proud to own, show of as required and enrich any collection – It has been well priced to reflect its age, condition, integrity and playing performance

Tonal character :- I’m not even sure if we need to go here as I’m pretty sure the appropriate potential buyers no what all the fuss is about – The fact that it plays so well allows you to maximise the guitars tonal character – it is warm and organic with a big open voice – Clear warm and crisp with good depth, especially on the neck pick-up, with more twang and bite on the bridge pick-up – Add just enough overdrive to hear it growl as you rip into pop, rock and rock a billy licks – How much you’ll use the 3 way tone switch is down to you, but the 3 way selector switch offers a very useful and well balanced set of voices

What additional info can I tell you about with regard to this 1967 Gretsch Nashvile G6120  – I’m sure you are aware of most of the  spec and features but let me list them anyway

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