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PRS Private Stock Singlecut  #319 – New Low Price – was £8395 – Now £6599

Today with PRS Private Stock #6000 now released, it may well be a case that PRS have saturated the market with exotic Private Stock models – Yet when the Private Stock programme was introduced more than 20 years ago, the chance to custom create your dream PRS Guitar, from the ultimate selection of exotic tops, various tone woods and colourful inlays, was born – The term guitar porn never seemed more appropriate – Exotic, seductive and luxurious aesthetic qualities were matched by a criteria to deliver the ultimate playing performance – If Aston Martin have created some of the worlds finest super cars, then PRS Private Stock have crafted some of the worlds most desirable guitars – Today players and collectors alike, have bestowed a ‘golden era’ upon early Private Stock models, especially those that feature Joe Knaggs as a luthier, along with an early numbered model under #500 – This 2001 PRS Private Stock Singlecut #319 features all key criteria It is guitar seduction at its absolute finest – If a picture could paint a 1000 words, then an epic to rival War and Peace has just been created

Key features for  this PRS Private Stock Singlecut  include:-

Condition wise:- this is a very clean guitar – First viewing of that exquisite maple top is that it is devoid of any hint of a blemish – Second viewing will support that fact – Even the gold plated hardware is very clean and only shows very light hints of use – Look on the rear of the mahogany body and you’ll find a few very light grazes to the top surface of the finish – We are dealing with light grazes that the camera doesn’t pick up, so you would have to be very pernickety  to have any issues with this, especially for what is after all a guitar that is now over 15 years old – Offered for sale complete with the PRS Private Stock certificate, plus  spec sheet, along with a deluxe Artist Pack leather bound case ( half of the handle is split but the case is in fine fettle) – Guitar has been re-strung and set-up with a set of 10’s including a fluid playing action – Frets are fine, especially after  years of light use and I dare say another 15 years may well go buy before a fret dress is required

Playing performance :- The easy bit here is to say that the playing performance is more than a match for the guitars obvious aesthetic appeal – It has been re-strung and set-up with a new set of 10’s and of course that fluid easy PRS action is all present and correct – The neck profile is the classic wide/fat format – So a comfortable amount of meat on it, but nothing that will impede your technique – It is so easy to handle and very user friendly – The rosewood neck is left with a natural satin finish and as such it instantly feels played in, with a smooth touch about it – Regarding the tonal quality, the rosewood neck helps to deliver a succulent warm tone. with a soft angelic character that is so melodic – Add a pair of #7 PRS humbuckers which are custom wound to be slightly hotter than vintage, coupled with excellent articulation – Together these two characteristics deliver a well blended package that suits chilled out jazz/blues, through to classic rock and even on towards hotter modern rock styles – Overall the tone is more angelic as against modern hot – The likes of Santana favour the rosewood neck/fingerboard for this warm vocal character that is so melodic – Overall this PRS is loaded with soul, expression and emotion


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