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New Low Price on this Gretsch 6122 Chet Atkins Country Gent – Previously listed at £5775 – So how does £4699 tempt you ?

Was the Ed Sullivan Show on the 9th Feb 1964 the single most important event in the history of pop music ? – The authorities and parents in the late 50’s did not approve of Rock n Roll and to a degree they had nipped it in the bud – Elvis joined the army, Little Richard went back to church – Jerry Lee Lewis was disgraced and a few years later Chuck Berry entered prison – Buddy died and a couple of years later so had Eddie – Pop music in the early 60’s had gone very clean and you had to be called Bobby to have a hit record – Then 4 young lads from Liverpool changed the face of popular music for ever – Following a few hits in the UK The Beatles flew in to the USA for their first performance on the Ed Sullivan Show – Around 73 million tuned in and the rest is history – George had already purchased his first 1962 Country Gent, but it was his second 1963 Country Gent that he preferred and this was the guitar that he played on stage that night, as well as many of their big hits from around this period  – History lesson over as I now welcome into stock a Gretsch 6122 Chet Atkins Country Gent from 1963 – So yes this is exactly the same as the guitar George played that night with all the appropriate details including

Condition wise this is a very very clean guitar – The only non-original issue is with regards to the rosewood bridge base – Normally ebony – Can’t comment as to why this is the case in this instance, but otherwise an all original model – 50’s and 60’s Gretsch Guitars are notorious for  the body and fingerboard binding going rotting – Many such guitars from this period have now undertaken various repair work regarding the binding – On this example the binding is fine – no splits, no rot and no issues whatsoever – Considering the guitar is now over 50 years old, the condition is excellent so it has obviously been well cared for – Yes a touch of wear on the gold plating, but the stained finish is in very good condition and only shows light surface marks – No dings, dints or any nasty scuff marks or bruises – The ebony fingerboard and frets are all fine – All the control knobs and switches function as they should – All the hardware is original including the strap buttons – Even the body/neck join is fine and certainly requires no attention – In short no issues whatsoever – This is a very clean example that should suit any discerning player and/or collector – Additional perks include the original case as well as the manual/tag – The manual/tag is in good condition whilst the case is equally clean including handle and catches   – Set-up with a set of 11’s that includes a wound 3rd – I can re-string and set-up with different gauges as required, but I feel that a set of 11’s is more authentic to such a guitar – Further more, as it is set up with the original ‘bar’ bridge then a plain 3rd is not really suitable – Set up with a sensible playing action  – Weighs 8lbs exactly

Clean examples with such historical importance do not come up for sale very often – Very clean examples, as per this guitar, are far less available for sale today – I’ve just spent a short time touring google and only found a few examples of the Ed Sullivan’ model for sale in the world

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