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I could make my evaluation of this used/1974 Fender Tele Custom nice, quick and easy – It appears to be all clean and original – It plays well – Sounds great and comes in at a sensible weight especially for a 70’s Fender at 8lbs and 8oz

I think it is fair to say that 70’s Fender’s don’t come with the best reputation, certainly compared to the myth and legendary status that is bestowed upon 50’s and 60’s models from the golden era – Yet amongst a pile of mediocrity, there are some fine examples with regards to playability, tonal character, investment potential and some magical mojo –  That magical mojo can be hard to fully define as to exactly what it is, but you just know you want it  – After all models like this 74 Tele Custom are now over well 40 years old, hence to many that now means ‘vintage’ – I’m not sure I go along with the vintage tag, just because a guitar is now over a certain age, but I do go along with the fact that it has plenty of that cool old style mojo with somewhat of an affordable price tag – To a player, this Tele has plenty of fine attributes going for it – The same can be said for any prospective collector or investor, so in a world of corporate mass production, that is geared up for us all to be ‘sheep in a flock’ then this Tele has plenty of individuality about it – I know that at the time Fender churned out shed loads of guitars in the 70’s and I still recall the days when you would always have 10 or 20 used USA Fenders on your wall from this period, yet today that is not the case – So it is not so much rare compared to how many were made, but it is now rare when you search Google and find how few are for sale in the UK today – Hence my comments about individuality, plus cool old style mojo

It comes in at 8lbs and 80z, so no it is not the lightest guitar for sale on planet earth, but for  a 70’s Fender it is certainly in the land of credible – More importantly it has a neck and fingerboard that feels very pleasant to play – No fret issues whatsoever, so checked and set-up with a new set of 10’s, then all is good regarding its playing performance

Condition wise, for a  guitar that is now over 40 year old, then again I think all is more than credible – There is a split to the lacquer on the rear of the body, that the pics don’t pick up to well – This is not uncommon on 70’s Fender due to the type of  finish they used at the time, so it just goes with the territory and adds some aged mojo to the 40 year old experience – I need to reiterate that this split is only to the lacquer, so no structural issues whatsoever

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