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If a picture paints a thousand words then this PRS Private Stock Hollow Body 11 may well challenge the 560,000 words written for War and Peace – Okay I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this Hollowbody sure makes one hell of a statement – Priced at £10,000 it is not the most expensive guitar I’ve ever offered for sale, but undoubtedly it will be in the top few

Time to make an introduction and a few key points so a huge welcome to this PRS Private Stock Hollowbody #1497 – with a nitro satin tiger eye burst finish plus solid rosewood back, rosewood pick up surrounds, rosewood fingerboard and neck, plus  rosewood headstock facia and truss rod cover, plus ebony tuning buttons 

1)  I sold this guitar brand new in 2007 to one very  careful owner – He later ordered another two very enticing PRS Private Stock Hollowbody models – The original owner custom ordered and spec’d the whole guitar from tip to toe – Some Private Stock models can look a touch garish or ostentatious, with far to many elaborate trimmings, yet this Hollowbody oozes class,  possesses quality and individuality, all of which is wrapped up in a seductive and alluring package – It may well be the epitome of perfection – The certificate confirms a date of May 2007, backed up by the 7 on the guitars serial number – I can’t recall how long the guitar took to arrive after the order was initially placed, but I recall well over 12 months

2)  Recently the previous owner asked PRS to quote him a price and availability on the assumption he wished to order a similar spec’d guitar – I can’t recall if the answer was they can’t or they won’t, but the bottom line amounts to the same thing, they are not in a position to build him a twin brother – So yes this PRS PS Hollowbody is unique and chances are it will remain so – I know the purchase price back in 2007, therefore  if we applied various inflation factors into account, then I would not expect to see any change today out of £15,000 and post Brexit and a reduction in the value of the pound, this would rise even further – A touch immaterial as you could not order one if you wanted to – Over the last few years Paul has since built many PRS PS Collector Series models with exotic woods and inlays that have been sold in excess of £15,000, yet none of them have the same level of ‘ingredients’ that can be found on this PS model, which can only add to the guitars appeal and individuality

4) With an PRS PS # number under 2000 it is still part of the days when Joe Knaggs ran the Private Stock division, so to any player/collector this is an additional tag on the ‘wow I want it’ listing

5)  It has been exceptionally well cared for and played only at home – It would be so easy to mark the nitro satin finish, but alas all is fine – Granted you can see a slight sheen from pick marks, around the top E string, between the 2 humbuckers, but that is just about the only sign of use – Even the gold hardware is nigh on perfect – Same applies to the certificate plus the super deluxe tan suede case

6) I am currently selling this Hollowbody on behalf of the original owner – This may well prevent me taking into stock any part exchanges as part of a potential deal, but before I say no, please contact me before hand – Whilst we offer a fully insured mail order service, such is the delicate nature of the Hollowbody, I dare say I won’t sleep well whilst it is in transit, so a visit to my showroom is preferable

Let me quote you a few phrases from the supplied certificate as it should cover all the relevant details regarding spec and features :-  This Tiger eye burst Hollowbody 11 Private Stock guitar was designed and built by Joe Knaggs, Dave Hazel, Dana Seidman, M Byle, Paul Miles, Scott Blomfield, R, Hubbard, B Lutz, E Granforth and PRS – Woods include an exceptional figured carved maple top, rosewood neck, fingerboard, plus rear of body, headstock facia and truss rod cover – All selected for tonal quality plus  exceptional beauty – Spec’d with a  pair of PRS Archtop pick-ups as well as the LR Baggs piezo system – Other features include brown lip mother of pearl inlays with 14 Karat gold outlines – Brown lip mother of pearl Private Stock Eagle with 14K gold outline and an engraved ‘Private Stock’ banner – Gold plated hardware that includes the wrap over bridge/tailpiece that also incorporates the piezo system – All in all a very attractive package that should give years of the utmost pleasure to any prospective owner

As with many exceptional fine commodities in life, the price is not cheap, but that is not the point here – It is the exclusivity of such a wonderful musical instrument that feels, plays, performs and sounds every bit as good as it looks – I hope the next potential owner will play it, yet handle it with care and in doing so will acquire many many years of remarkable pleasure, joy and satisfaction from owning such a unique and wonderful instrument – And in doing so, I hope it will prove to be a very worth while investment for yourself and the next generation

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