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Hard to believe this PRS Tree of Life Custom 24 Limited Edition is still a brand new guitar – Until a few years ago I was a major dealer for PRS Guitars, with often around 50 new USA models in stock at anyone time – Don’t ask me how, but somehow this new Limited Edition was shipped to me in error back in 2011, yet never returned – It has sat in my storeroom ever since, in an un-opened box for around 6/7 years – Myself and PRS have now come to a mutual agreement and I can now offer it for sale, albeit at a very attractive price – Around 2011 and the price would have been in excess of £6400 – So taking into account prices changes, plus a falling £ v $ , then such a new model today would be far closer to £8000 – So whilst £4899 is still a vast amount of money, it is a serious saving on the original price – New and complete with the certificate, eagle swing tag and a deluxe ‘Artist’ case – Re-strung with a new set of 10’s with an appropriate check-up and set-up carried out by myself

Part of a limited run of only 100 guitars with a black gold smokeburst finish – Let me quote you  all the details as per the supplied certificate of authenticity :-  This specially appointed 100 piece limited edition marks the evolution of the Custom 24, This instrument’s specifications includes an artist grade flame maple top, ribboned mahogany body, 25″ scale length, pattern regular neck profile, artist grade figured maple neck, rosewood truss rod cover, rosewood fingerboard + headstock veneer  with the 2011 Tree of Life inlay. Phase 111 locking tuners, gold hardware, PRS tremelo, specially wound 57/08 pick-ups, volume + tone control with the 2011 redesigned 5 way blade switch and artist case.      The woods for this run were hand selected by Paul with his wood team. The updated Tree of Life inlay was designed with Jamie Aulson of Pearl Works and is comprised of green abalone (both heart and standard varieties) donkey ear abalone and black lip ocean pearl oyster, beautifully distinguishing these commemorative instruments.    With the newest updates and a unique inlay design, these guitars sound and look very special, We hope you enjoy this piece of our history together – Signed by PRS

Maybe the only piece of additional info I need to add is that the guitar weighs 8lbs and 8oz  – But a few comments on the pattern regular neck profile, which is more akin to the PRS DGT model and many Strats, without being an exact DNA replica, but certainly less meat on it than you’ll find on a Les Paul – As you let your left hand roam up and down the neck and fingerboard, you’ll find a fast fluid playing action awaits, across all 6 strings and 24 frets – It retains a very comfortable amount of depth to enhance the tone, yet feels very slick and easy to handle – The feel and comfort of a PRS neck is legendary

Now onto the final valuation, regarding the pick-ups and switching arrangement – This Custom 24  features a pair of vintage flavoured PRS 57/08 pick-ups, to ensure a versatile tonal package , that is loaded with soul and emotion, coupled with excellent dynamics and articulation – From warm, vintage flavoured tones from the neck pick-up, to crunch rhythm, power chord or riffs, to whaillllling lead breaks from the bridge pick-up and the Custom 24 is at home – The volume and tone controls work so well over the whole 1-10 range to further enhance the soul and emotion that is available to you – On crunch/overdriven amp settings, the volume control will allow you to back off from 10 and obtain a cleaner voice, or indeed, if you wish to, obtain a softer, dark voice, then roll off the tone pot until you hit that sweet spot – You can make a clear and crisp guitar tone, sound more dark, as is the case with a PRS, but you can’t make a dull sounding guitar sound bright, so this is why the tonal package of a PRS works so well – The neck pick-up sounds warm, fat and full bodied on clean or overdriven amp settings – The bridge pick-up has enough warmth and body to work well on clean/blues based settings, but as you add some amp/pedal overdrive, from bone crunching riffs and chord work, to whaillllling lead breaks, a Custom 24 has few equals – Again, on an overdriven bridge pick-up setting, don’t forget the extra emotion and control that is available to you on the volume and tone pots to ‘soften up’ the tone – Three conventional humbucking voices are found on position 1, 3 and 5, via the easy to use ‘Strat style’ blade switch, whilst position 2 and 4 offer two excellent single coil flavoured tones, that work well for those “Knopfler’ style licks or indeed funky ‘Chic’ chord passages – So the Tree of Life Custom 24 is not just about a unique and distinctive aesthetic package

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