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I might not be quite able to say this used 2012 PRS MC58 McCarty is in brand new condition – Yet a detailed search will be required to find a hint of a blemish – It is very very clean – One careful and discerning owner since new – Complete with the deluxe ‘floral/paisley’ case and various tags – Impeccably set-up (by the previous owner, who is  a great guitar tech) with a set of 10’s and a slinky action that responds to a light touch – I believe the jade green finish is part of a custom ordered run and was not part of the official colour chart range for this run – But I also know that PRS offered many custom options for select dealers, as well as for various guitar shows, including their own Experience promotional event – It looks alluring and sophisticated on a sublime figured maple top that is loaded with character

If you are looking for a guitar tone that is fat, warm and smooth, yet will bite or growl if required, then check out the PRS McCarty 58 – If you require a guitar that has a vintage vibe to it, coupled with a slick and fluid playing action, then again check out the PRS McCarty 58 – If you wish to be enticed by ravishing beauty and a sublime flamed maple top, then surely a PRS McCarty 58 has to be on the radar – Finally, if you require impeccable build quality, plus an attention to detail that is second to none, that helps to deliver an instrument that performs even better than it looks, then again check out the  PRS McCarty 58

Over the years, Paul and his team of highly skilled luthiers have tweaked and updated the McCarty guitar a number of times, with the McCarty 58 representing the pinnacle of this work – Ted McCarty left a legacy that served as an inspiration to so many and in the final years of his life he became a mentor and father figure to Paul – The new McCarty 58 pays homage to all these influences and incorporates many new features, all designed to enrich the guitars performance – Note the new V12 finish, in this instance, jade green – The finish should both enhance the visual status of the guitar, as well as allowing the guitar to ‘breathe’ so as not to hinder the natural resonance – The V12 finish is ultra thin yet still possesses that ultra gloss glass like appearance as it blends the vintage nitro based lacquers, with the harder more modern acrylic paints and is the result of a 12 year journey that ensures it feels like a nice old guitar, but will preserve its beauty

The McCarty 58 now features the new ‘pattern neck shape’ which is an ‘updated’ version of the best selling wide/fat neck – Measures .862″ around the top nut end and gently fattens out to .964″ around the 12th fret – So it possesses a comfortable amount of girth, yet still sits a tad slimmer than many late 50’s Les Paul replicas you’ll find today within the Gibson camp – Paul always believes  a guitar should feel comfortable and ‘familiar’ as soon as you pick it up, with the neck being paramount to that connection – It has a comfortable amount of girth to it which enriches tone and sustain, but not to the point whereby it is a challenge to play – With 22 medium/jumbo frets, a 10″ radius, the bound mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard is slick and fluid to play, whilst controlled string bending feels effortless – Strung and set-up with a set of 10’s, it feels nice and slinky to further enhance the playing performance – Note the ‘artist grade’ hand selected flamed maple top, which sits proudly on a mahogany body, with the whole guitar still sitting at 8lbs on my scales – The new style bird inlays beam out of the rosewood fingerboard with mother of pearl outlines surronding the colourful paua heart centres, whilst the PRS signature inlay sits perched on a rosewood headstock facia

The solid/milled lightweight aluminium wrapover bridge tailpiece sits on 2 chunky brass string posts to maximise sustain and tone and a sturdy connection to the body – PRS Phase 111 tuners – All hardware is nickel plated, whilst a pair of PRS 57/08 humbuckers with ‘brushed’ covers sit at the heart of the tone department – Neck measures 7.72K whilst the bridge kicks out a touch more at 8.45, but both sit within readings you’ll find on a Gibson PAF humbucker from the golden era – Controlled via a regular 3 way switch, master volume and tone control – Note an upgraded push/pull pot, with audio taper, courtesy of CTS,  to deliver  some excellent and very useful singlecoil flavoured tones – They measure 4.72K neck and 5.69K bridge – In fact these are possibly some of the best single coil tones I’ve heard from a humbucker – To give you some idea of the McCarty 58 tone, you’ll find a few useful video clips on Youtube, including one with Davy Knowles (just type in PRS MC58)

From smooth, clean laid back jazz/blues to smouldering classic rock the McCarty is at it’s best – The lows are clear, the highs are angelic, whilst the mids are so warm and rich – From chilled out blues to bone crushing rock, or even bombastic serious rock tones, the McCarty has soul and passion in abundance – The volume and tone controls work well over the whole 1-10 range and still preserve all their expressive qualities as you travel through the various levels – This allows you to set-up the amp with some overdrive, then dial in, or roll off the gain as required, hence you have so much more emotional control over your playing – The McCarty 58 certainly possesses all the qualities that inspire – The usual Kossoff, Green, Moore and Bonamassa flavoured tones are all part and parcel of what makes the MC58 so appealing

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