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I can’t help feeling that I’ve actually under priced this used PRS Signature 408 Limited Edition – Granted £2699 is a vast sum for many to spend on any guitar – But taking into account the spec, features and Limited Edition nature of this Signature model then I believe £2699 is a pretty good price – It is a 2012 model and part of a run of only 400, with only 100 available, worldwide, with  a charcoal burst finish – I just wish my camera skills allowed me to fully capture the guitars breath taking aesthetic appeal, but it does look far more alluring when viewed in the flesh – Condition wise it is clean, but can’t be considered as new, or mint – Overall, under close scrutiny, you’ll discover light signs of use – Certainly no dings or dints of any consequence, so just those slight superficial grazes to the top surface of the gloss finish – Even the black finish on the rear of the body only reveals light signs of use to the very top surface of the finish – No fret issues – Complete with the deluxe case and appropriate tag – Re-strung and set-up with a new set of 10’s  and a slick playing action   – Make sure you check out a good review of the PRS 408 and listen to the following video clips of a 408 in action – click here, click here and click here for details

Let me update you with a few key details regarding specification and features 

The refinement, attention to detail, impeccable workmanship, playing performance and tonal quality of the Signature Limited Edition is immense – A fluid playing action allows you to burn of licks along the whole length of the 22 fret fingerboard – The pattern neck profile ensures a comfortable amount of depth, to enrich the tone and sustain, can be felt in the palm of your hand, yet nothing that can be considered ‘chunky’ so as to impede the playing experience – It is certainly user friendly – Dig in and attack those big blues bends, so as to milk every ounce of expression out of those moody licks, or show of a few party tricks and licks, as required – You can look at a guitars aesthetic appeal all day long, but to me, how much you fall in love with a guitar starts and ends with how it feels, plays and handles – Enjoy the playing experience and you’ll enjoy that guitar for many many years – In my opinion this 408 has magical qualities with regards to how it feels and plays

So let’s move along to the tone department and I hope you’ve checked out the video clips that I listed above – The proprietary designed 408 pick-ups work well in many varied musical environments – Jazz, blues, rock, country etc, and your choice of clean, subtle or hi-gain overdriven amp settings – Excellent dynamic response, clear full lows, smooth mids that do not clutter up the tone, plus shimmering highs that are crisp, yet not harsh or sharp – Excellent articulation is instantly noticeable on both pick-ups – In conjunction with the volume and tone pots, the guitar possesses enough soul, expression and emotion, to let you and the guitar control the amp and as such the overall tone – It will respond to the dynamics and emotion that you require from clean, smooth and soft tones, through to hard and aggressive voices, as required

One big plus point of the 408 pick-up package is the coil tap option and I’ll try and make this info simple and effective – A humbucking pick-up that can be coil tapped is nothing new, yet by and large the tapped versions are generally thin and weedy – As such they don’t deliver a good quality Strat flavoured tone – In simple terms a humbucker is made up of two single coil pick-ups wired in series – Each coil is wound for around a 4k output – 4k x 2 coils equals  8k, which is the approx value of a vintage based humbucker – Yet a good vintage based Strat pick-up is around 6k, whilst a 4k reading can often be found on many cheap far Eastern copies – Traditionally, when you coil tap an 8k humbucker, you are left with one coil working, hence a 4k single coil pick-up, which is the equivalent to your cheap Far Eastern copy – For a more realistic single coil voice we need to coil tap the humbucker to 6k, so it matches our vintage voiced Strat pick-up – In simple terms this is what they have done with the 408 pick-ups – The PRS approach is to take  the humbucking pick-up, switch off one coil and at the same time add an additional 1500 turns of winding to the remaining ‘slug’ coil – This provides you with a far more realistic single coil sounding pick-up – Many now refer to it as a ‘partial’ coil tap – Furthermore there is very little volume difference as you now switch from humbucker to single coil mode – 408 means 4 pick-ups and 8 switching options – Neck humbucker or single, bridge humbucker or single, then 4 additional voices when you select both pick-ups on together – The traditional 3 way toggle switch simply selects neck, both or bridge pick-up, whilst each pick-up has its own 2 way switch to determine humbucking or single coil option – This gives you one very versatile set of voices and very easy to use

The 408 Tonal character – On a clean amp setting you can clearly here every ounce of character that the 408 delivers – Maybe more akin to the articulation you’ll hear on a 335 semi – Plenty of dynamics and very responsive – You can stroke the strings, roll off the tone pot a touch and find some chilled out jazz/blues voices that will make comp chords sound lush –  Or select the bridge pick-up, attack the strings for some big tones that are full and bright with plenty of zing about them, with tight lows – Select both pick-ups and play around with one pick-up on single coil mode and the other on humbucker, etc and you’ll find some excellent funky Nile Rodgers voices – Overall very clear voices that are not clinical or to pure, yet very  focused with full tight lows  and sparkling highs, plus enough mids to add body, but not an ounce of mush  – Now add some overdrive and things move up another level – Incredible articulation and dynamics – Roll off the tone and or volume pot a touch if you want a less wide open voice that has a softer texture – It is as though the guitar has just found a spot of clean pure mountain air in a smoke filled room and you can now hear each note so clearly, even with hi-gain amp settings – As with any guitar, as you saturate the amp with to much overdrive you’ll loose some of the finer nuances of tone and character that the 408 possesses, yet you’ll still retain a focused sound with excellent articulation – The 408 works extremely well on clean amp settings and with subtle blues/rock overdriven amp settings, but I believe it comes into its own even more as you add more overdrtive on the amp

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