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This is a used Musicman Axis Super Sport that I account for its full history – I hand picked it as a new guitar when it initially arrived into stock – I then sold it to a professional guitarist I have known for over 20 years – I dare say the phrase ‘professional guitarist’ will no doubt leave you with the opinion that this was indeed a ‘working tool’ and yes you are correct – Hence it is more likely to appeal to a player rather than a collector, as the vintage sunburst finish displays no shortage of nicks, plus wear ‘n’ tear – Yet as any ‘hired hand’ pro player will tell you, the guitar has to function perfectly and as such all the appropriate components, like the tuners, trem assembly, controls and switches all function perfectly – The frets have been dressed and polished, so along with a set-up and a new set of 10’s,  it is ready to go – In my opinion the Axis Super Sport has a lot going for it as a working guitar, but its greatest asset is that neck- It instantly feels comfortable  as though you are on the home stretch and the neck alone makes the £1079 price tag appealing – Price includes the deluxe SKB/Musicman style case – Cosmetic wise, you’ll note a matching sunburst finish on the headstock facia, but just look at the figured maple top, that possesses plenty of character – Also note the figured birds eye maple neck, so not just a great work horse as its not short of glamour either – I believe the date to be around 2007 – And finally for the weight watchers it comes in at 8lbs and 4oz

An initial attraction is often based on looks and there is no getting away from that fact – But the big plus point of a Musicman Guitar is the performance qualities that they offer, hence a test drive is required to enable you to feel and hear all the magical qualities that they possess – Strangely enough, Musicman Guitars are often overlooked by many customers, so in many ways they are the best kept secret within the guitar business – Today, a growing number of influential players own and play Musicman Guitars and to a large degree, the Axis Super Sport was designed and based on the original Van Halen model, so on that basis you know that it has no issues working as a serious rock guitar – But as against earning the ‘one trick pony’ tag, the Super Sport will drop into blues, hot country, or classic rock, as well as handling sleazy jazz/blues as required – Hence a great all round guitar that is capable of working in many different musical environments

The Musicman neck is a subject that is often discussed and raved about by many players and magazine review editors, as the feel and playability is just something oh so special, allowing for a fast, and fluid playing action on the 22 fret rosewood fingerboard, coupled with effortless controlled string bending – Whilst the rounded D neck profile is almost unique to Musicman, it still possesses a Fender flavour to it, with a similar top nut/fingerboard width, yet with just a touch more depth to it – Either way it appears to be custom built for the palm of your hand – The maple neck is finished with a special wax blend and gun stock oil to give you that played in from day one character

Tonal character :- Many ‘rock’ guitars, like Ibanez, have fast fluid actions, so whilst they are fine for modern lead styles, they can tend to generally lack a soulful tonal quality, especially on clean or blues based amp settings and therefore can be very much seen as a one trick pony, whereas this is not the case with the Super Sport – On first viewing, it appears that the two custom wound DiMarzio pickups only offer the 3 standard tonal options that are found on most humbucker instruments – However the 5 way switch ensures you have access to the three regular humbucking options, as well as the addition of single coil flavoured tones, by utilising one setting for the insides coils and the other setting for the  outside coils of each humbucker – Ideal for Clapton or Knopfler tones, or indeed those funky rhythm chops as used by the Chilli Peppers and Nile Rodgers – As an overview, the Axis Super Sport sits in the middle of the classic Strat and LP tones – As such you’ll hear the clarity, snap, dynamics and quick response that is associated with a Strat, yet the humbucking pick-ups deliver more depth, body and warmth than can be found on a Strat – Yet these humbucking tones are not muddy and moody as per a LP, hence far more clarity and articulation

The Axis Super Sport possesses a natural lively tone, with excellent definition, which is especially noticeable on clean amp settings, while a rich warm tone from the neck pick-up will allow the Axis Super Sport to slip into a smooth jazz and blues vibe as required – As such you know the guitar has plenty of soul and emotion within its tone department – Click on the dirt switch on your amp and this baby springs into life – Smooth, warm, vintage flavoured tones are instantly available from the neck pickup, with more punch and bite plus incredible sustain from the bridge pickup, whilst still retaining those musical smooth upper mids and highs – Remember the Axis Super Sport is very closely related to the Axis Floyd Rose model, as designed and used by Van Halen, before he jumped ship, so I’m sure you’re fully aware of what the guitar is capable of achieving in the rock department, however the extra switching and non-locking tremelo system makes this a far more versatile package than the original EVH model – However I’m sure many guitarist will still buy it as a classic rock guitar, but it will easily gravitate into other areas as required

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