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Nothing wrong with the classic guitars from Fender, Gibson, Gretsch or Rickenbacker – But sometimes a new tonal palette is required to take you in a different direction  and to bring a fresh vibe to the table – It might need to look cool, but it certainly should allow you to explore a new voice to work in a different environment – So how about a Duesenberg Caribou with a super cool narvick blue finish – It is a 2015 model with a decent quality oblong fibre case – It has been gigged by a professional player, so whilst it is ding and dint free, close inspection will reveal a few light grazes to the top surface of the gloss finish and mainly on the rear of the body – Nothing nasty whatsoever and nothing to be of any concern to any potential buyer who would play it on a regular basis – Frets are fine – Re-strung and set-up with a set of 10’s and a slick action

The list of guitar players who can now be seen playing a Duesenberg guitar is growing with Paul Carrack, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Brian Ray (Paul McCartney), Dave Stewart and Vince Gill now joining the ranks of Doozie owners and players – Whilst the following players have now owned one for a while :- The Kooks (Hugh Harris), The Hooters (Eric Brazilian) Tom Bukovac, Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash), Placebo (Alex Lee), Mike Campbell (Tom Petty) as well as Ron Wood and Billy Gibbons, plus of course Mr Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp – Joe Walsh utilised a Duesenberg on many tracks for his Analog Man album and has raved about it since – So if you are in the market for cool looking guitar, that is fun to own, delivers an excellent playing performance and that brings something different to the table, then the Duesenberg Caribou comes highly recommended – A Doozie is more than just a guitar with cool looks, but you can’t help but notice the art deco vibe and the 3 steps character that you’ll find throughout the guitar – On the logo, the headstock shape, the scrathplate and even the pick up rings

Features of the Caribou :-

Playing the Caribou :- At this stage I suggest you click here and visit the Caribou page on the Duesenberg web site – Scroll to the foot of the page and view a couple of youtube style clips  Lots of individual character is instantly apparent when you play the Caribou – It is more Tom Petty than SRV – More Squeeze, or Beatles than EVH – As an overview I’ d say it lends itself to more simplistic and melodic voices as against the virtuoso styles of other guitars, so it is all about the song and the tune – It can be cool and clean, or kick dirt – Jangly pop style, soft and smooth or ballsy with a strong twang to it – Great for Setzer style rockabilly and swing, or indeed those infectious Bo Diddley driving rhythm styles – Great for country, 60’s style pop, Indie and Brit Pop – Maybe the guitar sounds at its best on clean and more subtle overdriven amp settings – Yet add more gain for those Oasis ‘Roll with it’ style power chords and riffs and it will deliver a gutsy voice yet still retain its clarity – I love what a Doozie brings to the table as it somehow blends a bit of a Gretsch, a Ricky and a Tele into one cool package

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