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Used but barely played Fender Custom Shop 62 Limited Edition Strat from 2010, in a cool pale sonic blue aged finish – I sold this Strat only a year or so ago to a regular customer and have no issues taking it back into stock with a view to finding another potential owner – As I mentioned it has barely been played – Even so it has been on my work bench for a check up, set up and a new set of 10’s – Complete with a deluxe Limited Edition blonde tolex case, certificate and tags – Otherwise all details and info are as per my original web site listing, so read below

In 2010 a very small handful of Limited Edition Custom Shop Strats arrived into the UK and Germany with a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, as well as a set of hand wound Abby pick-ups – They sold out within days and today used examples rarely come on the market – Moving on a few years and I was aware that a small quantity still sat unsold in the European warehouse, yet due to various legal issues surrounding CITES and Brazilian rosewood, Fender could not release them onto the market – Having sold a few back in 2010, I knew all about the great performance enhancing attributes these Strats possessed, so when my Custom Shop product specialist informed me that the balance of the unsold stock will now be released, I jumped at the chance to acquire a couple of nice examples – They are now sold and spec’d with new Custom Shop necks that feature select dark Indian rosewood fingerboard (6mm slab), plus fitted and set-up by Fender’s own guitar techs – The new straight grain maple necks retain the same large C ’65’ neck profile, with the same ‘played in dirty worn’ character, a 10″ fingerboard radius, 6105 frets, clay dots and aged vintage tuners, so other than the Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard they are the same vintage Relic Start – And remember you still get a set of Hand Wound vintage 60’s Abby pick-ups  – These are very special Strats so grab one whilst you can

If you’ve ever had the slightest doubt whatsoever about how special a good Custom Shop Strat can be, or indeed wish to query what all the fuss is about regarding a Relic Strat, then this 62 Limited Edition model with a 6mm slab rosewood fingerboard, along with a cool pale sonic blue finish, should set your mind at rest – Note the 4 ply, 11 hole, nitro aged shell pick guard that adds some additional character to the package- A mere 10 seconds of playing it unplugged is more than enough time to let you know that it possesses an abundance of that magical wow factor, that you can hear, yet not always describe – Only a small handful of these Limited Edition Strats ever found their way to the UK – Furthermore they are spec’d with a set of hand wound Abigail Ybarra pick-ups – Abby has long since retired, yet such is her reputation as the Queen of hand wound pick-ups, that if sold on their own, they can fetch a nice price on the likes of E-bay, whilst any new or used Custom Shop Strats that can  still be found with a set of Abby hand wound pick-ups are always quick and easy to sell

Feel and Playing experience :- Like all good Strats, the finer points of the guitar are in the  detail, the spec, the build quality, the wood and the pick-ups, all of which add up to give you a guitar with an enhanced playing performance and a tone to die for  – The limited edition nature of the guitar is reflected with ‘limited edition’ engraved in to the 4 bolt neck plate, as well as a ‘limited edition’ logo embroidered into the crushed velvet interior of the blonde tolex vintage case – As with most of today’s Custom Shop Fender’s, this Strat has being custom spec’d with the more modern fingerboard radius, this time a 10″ radius, along with a set of medium jumbo Dunlop 6105 frets – This allows for a fluid playing action and ensures there is no ‘choking’ out when you bend the strings, obviously providing the action is not set as shred metal low – Factory set-up with a set of 10’s, you will find it still has somewhat of a slinky feel about it, so  maybe try a set of 11’s for a stiffer feel, whilst only the brave will utilise a set of 12’s or 13’s – The straight grain maple neck has a large ’65’ C profile, so whilst it is not chunky, it does possess a comfortable amount of substance to it, that feels very much at home in the palm of your hand, all of which will certainly help in delivering a bigger tone – It measures .830″ around the top nut end then fattens out to .970″ around the 12th fret, so very much akin to the SRV #1 Strat – The thin nitro-cellulose finish has now been cut back for that dirty/worn character, so from day one you’ll experience that ‘played in’ feel, that otherwise would take the best part of 20 or 30 years to achieve, if gigged on a regular basis in a sweaty blues bar – All the hardware is vintage spec’d and aged accordingly, to match the heavy relic thin-skin nitro-cellulose lacquer, which sits on the light weight alder body

Tonal character :- With a hand select alder body, this Strat comes in at only 7lbs and 11oz and played unplugged you’ll hear it possesses a natural vibrant and lively character – As mentioned earlier, the pick-ups are hand wound by Abigail Ybarra, all controlled via the 5 way switch, with the lower tone pot now working both the bridge and middle pick-ups – Pick-ups measure around 5.5K and note the aged magnets/pole-pieces and aged covers – The neck pick-up is oh so sweet, musically rich and smooth, coupled with clear shimmering highs to give you a lovely degree of clarity that has obvious comparisons to the SRV tone, with transparent punchy mids – Strat bridge pick-ups can sometimes be a touch weak and thin sounding, but here we have a pick-up that possesses enough depth, body, bite and balls, without that shrill like ice pick attack – On clean settings it’s crisp and clear with good body and depth – On overdriven amp settings this transfers into a musical warm bite that works well on both riffs, driving Texas shuffle rhythms and lead work – The fact that you now have a tone pot working on the bridge pick-up, ensures that if required, you can roll off the highs just a touch until you discover that magical sweet spot – Both ‘out of phase’ tones are excellent with a good ‘quack’ about them, coupled with a level of smoothness and body that is rare to find – Not all Strats are this good, so if you are in the market for an aged Strat with a killer tone, then maybe the hunt is over

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