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To say a Yamaha SA1100 is a poor man’s Gibson 335 would be a very unfair statement – Granted Gibson make some mighty fine semi-acoustic models, yet equally, for various reasons, we know many 335’s are not as good as they should be – Since the later 70’s and early 80’s both Ibanez and Yamaha have consistently produced a fine number of 335 influenced models from their Japanese factories – Such has been their reputation that many fine notable guitar players have recorded and toured with them on a regular basis – The good news for you, as a potential buyer, is that you don’t have to spend as much to acquire a used quality Yamaha SA1100 – It might not have the same fancy trimmings as the more expensive SA2200, but it is effectively the same grade of instrument regarding tonal quality, playing performance, build quality and attention to detail

So in no particular order let me update you with various details :-

Tonal character :- I suppose a Gibson 335 has to be the bench mark to which any semi acoustic has to be measured against – The Yamaha has a full warm tone with more articulation than you’d generally find on a 335 – Neck pick up is warm and full – Play chords and you can clearly pick out each note, whilst chilled out blues licks are clear and lush – More bite from the bridge pick-up but not thin, nor weedy , with controlled power and enough grunt to drive the amp – Maybe as an overview I can suggest this SA1100 is more Steely Dan than Foo Fighters, so whilst the clean tones of the SA1100 are a great attribute, equally it loves to play through overdriven amp settings, where its natural clarity allows it to be clear and not mushy or moody – The coil tap options are a good bonus without been the guitars primary function – So credible and useful as and when required, for funky disco chops, but don’t expect them to be Chic at its best – Yet equally they are better than nothing – You can run one pick-up on coil tap, with the other on humbucker, both on humbucker or both on coil tap, so plenty of useful options as required

£1079 buys you a lot of guitar with a professional build quality and playing performance

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