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An exceptionally clean Fender USA Big Apple Strat currently resides in my showroom waiting to find a new home and owner – This is the original American model, from 1998 with a cool shoreline gold finish – Fender have released various formats of the best selling AM Standard Strat including the Texas Special – The idea is that you take the chassis of the best selling Strat, then add a few customised options to enhance its overall appeal – This format gave birth to the Big Apple Strat, that features a mother of pearl scratchplate, along with a cool shoreline gold finish to enhance the guitars aesthetic  qualities, whilst a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers sit at the heart of the engine room, to provide you with some additional girth regarding the guitars overall tonal character

In no particular order let me supply you with a few additional points  

The feel of the neck will be familiar to many who have played the  American Strat Standard – Modern C profile which has somewhat of a wide/slim character – The satin finish on the neck/fingerboard ensures it feels played in from day – The combination of 22 medium jumbo frets, plus a 9.5″ fingerboard radius, allows for easy string bending, along with a fluid playing action – A set of 10’s now feel slinky allowing you to rip into big bends

Tonal character :- due to the nature of a 4 bolt maple neck, plus an alder body, this Strat retains it’s traditional lively qualities, with no shortage of snap and attack – As such the Big Apple retains certain qualities of a traditional Strat, but the two Seymour Duncan humbuckers provide you with more depth, more output and an overall fatter voice – On clean amp settings the neck pick-up will allow you to delve into lush jazz flavoured chords that now sound full, smooth and clear – Whilst the bridge pick-up retains enough warmth and vintage qualities to still sound musically warm and melodic, but now with an additional ounce of bite to it, so push it hard and it sounds tight and clear with good body – Add some gain on the amp and whilst the Strat’s crisp qualities are still present, you’ll hear the fatter mids and voice of a humbucker – Overall more clarity then you’ll hear on a Les Paul, but more body than you’ll hear on a Strat – The bridge pick-up can drive those shuffle style riffs and power chords, whilst the neck pick-up provides those fat, warm BB King style laid back licks – Add more gain and this Strat sings – Screamin’ hot licks from the bridge pick-up that again provides you with girth and a warm bite that cuts through the mix – With the Strat’s controls on 10 you’ll hear more attack and the guitar almost on the edge, so simply roll off the volume and tone pot a touch for a smoother voice – Whilst the neck pick-up is warm and lush and sings for those Gary Moore Still in love with you style licks, with no shortage of sustain

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