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For some reason I’ve always had a soft spot for the American Fender Highway 1 Strat – both the original version and this later version with the large 70’s style headstock – It has always been a challenge to deliver a credible, yet more budget priced, USA model, that sat below the price of the best selling AM Strat Standard – So with that in mind I always believe the Highway 1 has a lot going for it – Looking at this customised 2010 model, I always felt that whatever shortfalls the Highway 1 had going for it, the chassis was more than credible, to allow various upgrades to deliver a significant playing performance – Its no use upgrading a poor guitar with top quality USA pick-ups and trem systems, as any improvement will be minimal – So yes I believe the Highway 1 is an ideal candidate for such performance enhancing mods – What makes this guitar a more attractive package is that it has all been done for you

So let me update you, in no particular order, with a host of info regarding this 2010 Highway 1  :

Regular features of the Highway include

Condition wise it is fairly clean – Nothing nasty regarding previous signs of use, but you can find a few light surface grazes to the top surface of the thin nitro finish – So a touch of played in character, so you can use it as a work horse and not have to give it the kids glove treatment   – Re-strung and set-up with a new set of 10’s and a fluid playing action – Includes a good quality gig bag

Tonal character – thanks to a set of Dimarzio pick-ups, this Strat tends to suit a player looking who is into classic overdriven amp settings for classic rock etc – It is not that you can’t get a decent clean voice from it, as you can, but it is not really the ideal candidate for the vintage purist – But for rock orientated players it is great, especially if you don’t want any additional back ground noise and hum – The clean tones are credible, so if you need to delve into such settings from time to time it won’t let you down – But from bone crunching riffs and chords to sreamin’ demon lead licks, it is a very handy Strat – Plenty of clarity, with tight lows, good body in the mid range and highs that are crisp, smooth and warm without sounding shrill like – The volume pot has enough about it to control the overdriven levels, from full on to more subtle

At £579 it is a very credible Strat with some good mods on it – So much so that I’ve debated about stripping it down and selling it as parts

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