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If the Custom 24 represents the ever present stalwart of the PRS Guitar range, then the Custom 22 is certainly the best supporting actor – Between the two models, they have captured a  lions share of total PRS Guitar sales, over the last 30 years or so – Whilst they possess many similar features, the Custom 22 is designed to offer a subtle, yet effective, different tonal character that will appeal to the more traditional player – Whilst an impeccable attention to detail and design, coupled with a first class build quality, has helped to deliver the ultimate PRS playing experience – Maybe no one guitar is the be all and end all that can do everything, so whilst the Custom 22 is certainly not a jack of all trades, it can do hell of a lot, especially with regards to the requirements that will suit the playing styles of both traditional and contemporary players – So let me introduce you to an exceptionally clean, but used, PRS Custom 22 with a vintage style livingston lemon drop finish – The appropriate tag and serial number both confirm the date of birth as 2013

Various details regarding this PRS Custom 22  

Condition wise this is a very  clean instrument that has been well cared for and obviously not played a lot – Any slight hint of a graze or a nick is only noticeable under very close scrutiny – Even then I only discovered the merest hint of a blemish to the very top surface of the gloss V12 finish – So you’d have to be very pernickety to have any issues with the condition – This is about as clean as it gets for a used instrument – Even so, it has enjoyed a visit to my work bench for a check-up, the frets polished, the fingerboard cleaned and fed with a touch of lemon oil  – Then fitted with a new set of 10’s and set up with a fluid playing action

The legendary PRS  playing experience :- Apart from a phenomenal build quality, plus impeccable attention to detail, a key attribute of any PRS Guitar is the slick playing performance that they possess – A fluid action, coupled with effortless string bending, allows you to play with confidence and maximise your ability – If you want to live life in the fast lane, the Custom 22  allows you to handle with ease those slick and stylish licks that you have worked so hard to conquer – Or chill out as you lay into some smooth comp style chords and a tasteful blues licks – The Pattern Thin neck profile is ultra comfortable and possesses just enough depth to give you some substance in the palm of your hand, but overall more on the medium/slim size of depth – The two key words are slick and comfort – Furthermore such is the impeccable fret work, correctly profiled and polished to perfection, that the intonation is as good as it gets – Even complex jazz chords, played further up the fingerboard, still sound in tune

That smooth tremelo package :-   It is now generally accepted that the PRS modern fulcrum tremelo system is the best ‘non-locking’ package on the market today – It feels smooth, and positive, with a very responsive touch to it – The combination of the locking tuners, top nut and tremelo, ensure you have a trouble free tuning package, that is fine for all but excessive use – Furthermore the solid/milled brass bridge saddles and tremelo block will enhance the tone and sustain as well as provide you with plenty of rich sparkling harmonics

Tonal character :-  As mentioned earlier, at the heart of the engine room you’ll find a pair of custom wound and voiced PRS humbuckers, controlled via a 5 way switch, with a Vintage Bass pick-up in the neck position and the HFS (Hot, Fat and Screams) in the bridge position – The neck pick-up is more vintage flavoured, so warm and smooth, that allows you to  delve into the cool side of jazz, or the classic rock and blues vibe of Bonamassa/Moore – Excellent articulation, so even on overdriven amp settings you can clearly hear the character of each note  – The HFS bridge pick-up delivers exactly what its name suggest, so it allows you to rip into scorching leads breaks and riffs, yet for a softer lead tone, just trim the volume pot a touch until you find that magical sweet spot – The volume and tone pots have a very useable taper that  works effectively across the 1-10 travel of the pot – This allows greater emotional control and expression, especially on overdriven amp settings, as it allows you to dial in, or out, the level of overdrive you require direct from the guitar – As you roll ‘off’ the volume pot, you can clean up your sound, whilst retaining those crisp highs, so you’ll  experience no muddy lows – Like all PRS Guitars, the exceptional  playing performance is backed up with tonal qualities that can only inspire your playing to another level

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