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Black Friday Deal On This Fender Custom Shop 59 Relic Esquire – was £2690 – Now £2100 – sorry but no trade in option at this special price

Guitars4You are proud to be a Fender Custom Shop Showcase Dealer – Part of a small network of specialist dealers, in both the UK and Europe, that can create, spec and custom order a selection of discerning guitars, with many of the ‘Tone Zone’  options that are available from the Custom Shop ‘ala carte menu’ – The bolt-on ‘Meccano’ style  nature of a Fender Guitar allows you to retain the vintage integrity,  yet enhance the playing performance, with various customised options, whilst at the same time, adding some unique character to the visual package – That is precisely what I have achieved when I custom spec’d and ordered this ‘Tone Zone’ Fender Custom Shop 59 Relic Esquire with an ultra cool taos turquoise relic nitro finish

Additional notes

1)  Tone Zone models are custom spec’d creations that are unique to Guitars4You –  I’ve  been buying and selling ‘Tone Zone’ models for a few years now and as such I have a wealth of experience in creating exceptional custom spec’d Custom Shop models – It is certainly hard, maybe impossible, to clearly define what constitutes the ultimate Tele, as 2 or 3  players can sit down, compare and evaluate a number of guitars, then each pick a different favourite – As a result it is my job to order a selection of fine custom spec’d guitars that possess all the key ingredients, that maximise the playing performance – Tone, feel, soul, expression and resonance

2) I’ve sold plenty of Strats and Teles with the Large 65C neck profile – It retains the classic and popular feel of the 60’s neck profile, albeit with an extra ounce of meat on it – Not so much that it will impede the playing performance, but enough to add a sensible level of girth – It is comfortable yet somehow the extra mass adds something extra to the tonal character and overall package – The thin nitro finish on the maple neck has been cut back a touch, to supply you with that satin ‘played in’ character – A new shiny gloss nitro finish can feel a touch sticky for a few years, so the satin approach instantly feels user friendly from day one – Set-up with a set of 10’s and an easy fluid playing action that only requires a light touch to handle those slick licks you enjoy playing

3)  Aged finish :- The opinion regarding  an aged finish is similar to that regarding Marmite – Yet somehow, for what is after all a replica of a guitar that is nigh on 60 years old, when they look brand new, with a perfect shiny gloss finish, I think they are devoid of any vintage character – Granted you may not want your Tele to look like it has completed 5 extensive world tours, yet equally the lack of any played in mojo looks sterile – Hence I spec’d this Esquire with a light relic nitro finish, so more lacquer checking with less worn patches, dings or dints – So the vibe of a guitar that has been played for nearly 60 years, yet still cared for – I spec’d it with a thin skin finish, hence a thin base coat and sealer, which allows the select ash body to breathe and resonate – A thicker gloss lacquer dampens the tone – Played unplugged and you can hear this guitar ring, vibrate and resonate – It is  a great place to start from and enforces one of my favourite phrases ‘it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that ring’  – The whole guitar only weighs 7lbs and 7oz – That taos turquoise finish sure looks cool

4) Customised playing performance updates :-  Just about all the ‘user friendly’ updates, that enhance the playing performance, are ‘hidden under the bonnet’ so to speak – Hence modern upgrades that have no impact on the guitars vintage integrity regarding its cosmetic appeal – Such upgrades includes a set of medium jumbo frets  on a rosewood fingerboard with a 9.5″ radius – This now ensures a set of 10’s still feel slinky, whilst string bending is smooth and effortless – Furthermore, with a sensible action you’ll experience no choking out when you rip into those big blues bends – I mentioned earlier about the Large 65C neck profile that I spec’d with a satin finish for that played in feel, so the bottom line is a vintage flavoured guitar that is slick and easy to handle – A less obvious feature is the vintage style bridge assembly that includes a set of steel saddles, yet it is spec’d as a top loaded bridge, so the strings now go through the top/front of the bridge assembly and not through the body

5) Tonal character:- The obvious change is the TV Jones Classic humbucker in the neck position – Straight from the Gretsch camp and a modification I originally encountered on a few James Trussart models I’ve sold in the past – As with any change it won’t suit everyone, yet to me the tonal character is infectious without destroying any of the guitars vintage integrity – Compared to a regular Tele neck pick-up, the TV Jones is sweeter, more rounded, a touch more depth and body, with transparent mids and soft sparkling highs – On clean amp settings it is ideal for chilled out jazz and blues inspired chords or licks, yet blend it with the bridge pick-up for some great pop inspired chord work, that sounds spanky on clean amp settings, or just raw enough on overdriven amp settings for Indie styles  – On hi-gain overdriven amp settings, the TV Jones Classic will grunge up if required and retain a tight focused character, or try it with less overdrive for classic rock blues licks that sound fat and smooth – As for hot country, or rockabilly styles, any Brian Setzer fan will tell you how good these TV Jones pick-ups are – With only a 3.86K output, they are along way from been anything like hot, but the tone is so succulent and musically warm  – In the bridge position I spec’d it with an early 50’s Nocaster pick-up with flat pole pieces – Kicks out a meaty 6.6K – With the volume pot on 10, it is pure twang, with balls, body and bite, that still retains  a musical attitude about it – It can strip the paint off any barn door from 10 paces away  – Yet it ain’t that nasty clang voice, this is pure vintage twang at its best – Roll the volume pot down a touch to tame the beast and a voice that is more in control – Hence you and the guitar control all the emotion, soul and expression that feeds the amp – On hi-gain amp settings the guitars volume pot will adjust the level of gain you require, yet still retain the guitars tonal character – On more of a classic rock/blues overdriven amp setting, the guitars volume pot can be trimmed down so that around 6 or 7 you’ll find that magical sweet spot that is clean and chilled out – This is a great place for your base tone and as such you can wind the volume pot back towards 10 as and when you require that additional ‘turbo boost’

6)  Overall – a serious Tele (or should I say Esquire) that is loaded with character and should deliver years of pleasure to any prospective guitar player

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