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The used and bruised approach of a Heavy Relic 51 Telecaster ensures that it is still in touch with its working class roots – It is the ultimate plug in and play guitar – No airs and graces and no trimmings, yet its dirty blonde appearance makes it oh so desirable – Yet if its aesthetic attributes  tells you one story, the feel, playability and tonal character lets you know that this is indeed a serious guitar that should please any discerning guitar player looking for the ultimate workhorse – So welcome into stock this Fender Custom Shop 1951 Heavy Relic Tele in faded nocaster blonde 

At this stage some may well ask what is the difference between an early 50’s Nocaster and Telecaster and the answer is effectively nothing – Same spec, features, playing performance and tonal character – Back in 1950/51 Fender never ever released a guitar called a Nocaster – It is just a nick name given at a later date to a few Fender Guitars that only featured a Fender spaghetti logo on the headstock with no model name after it – At the time Fender reached the transition stage between the Broadcaster name and the Telecaster name and due to legal issues they had to dispense with the Broadcaster option – Whilst waiting for the new ‘logo transfer/decals’ to arrive that featured the Telecaster name, they simply cut off the ‘Broadcaster’ part of the old style logo and left it simply as Fender – Hence the ‘Nocaster’ nick name meaning no name – It only remained like this for a short time, yet it has left us with a legacy – Yet to all tense and purpose a 1951 Tele is the same animal – The Fender Custom Shop team have captured all the magical mojo and mystic with an authentic replica of this early 50’s period and it sure delivers the goods when you get round to playing

Spec and features include :- 

That big chunky neck and is it to big to handle ? – No – Does it enrich the tone ?- Probably a big Yes for me on this one – It certainly helps – Even with a  set of 10’s you can make that big lump of wood vibrate and that will be further increased with a set of 11’s – The more vibration you can get out of the maple neck and the select lightweight ash body, then the bigger the tone – I certainly thing if you had a large neck with a set of vintage frets, a vintage fingerboard radius , plus a higher action, then yes it will be tough to handle and far less forgiving – Yet with a set of medium jumbo frets, a 9.5″ fingerboard radius plus a well balanced fluid action, then it is far more user friendly then many would fear – To me it is  a case of play it for what you can get out of it – Maybe horses for courses – Keep your playing more simplistic and down to earth and it is easy to handle, very forgiving and no challenge to play for either chords, licks or solo work – To get the best out of it for more flashy work, then maybe you’ll need a far better playing technique than me, or indeed larger hands – I find you quickly get use to it, so don’t over do it and you’ll be rewarded back with a tone that is awesome – It instantly feels played in from day one, as the thin nitro finish has been cut back for that ‘dirty/worn’ character – In short, play it for what you can get out of it and not for what you can’t

Tonal character :- To me the unplugged tone is always the first test – Strum a few chords and see if it rings and if it don’t then walk away – This Tele possesses a vibrant acoustic tone and rings like a bell – You can feel it and hear it – In short it delivers that classic vintage Tele voice from the early 50’s – The neck pick-up chimes and the bridge pick-up is loaded with a throaty musical twang – Many budget Teles deliver a harsh clang from the bridge pick-up whereas a good Tele delivers the twang with balls, body, bite, edge and attack, yet always musical – A pair of hand wound Custom Shop delivers capture all the goodness from the select ash body and that chunky neck – From chilled out jazz/blues, to ballsy punk and many styles in between and you can see why the granddad of electric guitars still cuts the mustard today – Some guitars deserve the ‘one trick pony’ tag , yet a good Tele works in so many different musical environments and that has been its legacy for well over 60 years  – The neck pick-up delivers a warm succulent voice with crisp clear highs that suits chilled out chords or angelic licks, so overall rich, smooth and warm, yet always responsive to you stroking the strings or attacking them – If you like a neck pick-up that possesses a fluty vocal character for  lead licks then you’ll adore this Tele – The bridge pick-up covers all the territory from hot country pickin’ clean to raw unadulterated early blues or punk – It kicks dirt but always delivers a musical voice that again is very responsive to you and your picking

The common format of leaving the guitars volume and tone pot on 10 is fine, but in this case it will severely limits the guitars true potential – In fact with the volume pot on 10 is the place i would go to when I need that additional edge, when I have a stronger statement to make, so with that in mind roll the volume pot back towards 6 or 7 for a softer texture – Use this as your base camp, where the guitar still retains it expressive qualities, albeit in a more laid back way – Then use 10 as your boost option – Hence far more emotion, soul and texture as required – In short, you and the guitar control the amp – Likewise the tone pot interacts with you to go from chilled to on the edge – A recent mod is the ‘grease bucket’ on the tone pot – A simple mod that on overdriven amp settings allows you to roll of the highs as required, yet still retains the same level of gain on the amp – Throw at it clean amp settings, subtle overdriven blues, or hi-gain amp settings and there is something in there for everyone – In short, not all Teles are this good

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