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A very tidy and highly spec’d used Fender Custom Shop 1956 NOS Strat has just turned up sale in my showroom – Hard to believe it has a 2012 serial number, so now around 5 years old, as it is nigh on spotless, so hunt long and hard to find any signs of a blemish – It still includes tags, certificate and the vintage style brown tolex case – Despite its clean condition, I have let the guitar spend a short time on my bench to receive a new set of 10’s and to check the set-up – Upgraded features include a set of John Cruz JC custom wound pick-ups, a 1/4 sawn maple neck, a select ash body plus a thin nitro NOS finish

Full spec and details for this 56 NOS Daphne Blue Strat :-

Like many recent Custom Shop models, this Strat receives the ‘modern’ upgrades to further enrich the playing performance – As such, you’ll find a 9.5″ fingerboard radius, plus a set of Jescar 6100  jumbo frets – As such, this ensures a fluid playing action, without any choking out, as you rip into big blues bends – You’ll find string bending is  effortless, even with thicker strings, so all in all a more user friendly guitar to play, yet other wise it is pure vintage Strat at its best – The neck features the 10/56V profile, as per many original models from the mid/late 50’s period – This equates to a comfortable amount of depth to the rear of the neck, yet slimmer ‘shoulders’ ensures you’ll experience a very comfortable feeling neck – Hence some girth to it, that does not feel bulky, or indeed impair the playability, thanks to a slick playing action  – The ash body receives a thin coat of nitro-cellulose, in this case in Daphne blue, whilst the neck receives a clear coat of nitro – Both finishes are new and shiny, so no ‘aged’ process on this Strat – Yet the thin nitro Daphne blue finish, still allows the guitar to ‘breathe’ so as not to dampen the guitars natural vibrant character – Like an original 50’s Strat,  the thin nitro finish will start to show signs of ‘sinkage’  for some natural played in character  – Again all the hardware is both vintage spec’d and all clean and shinny

Tonal information :- At the heart of the tone department, you’ll find a set of Fender John Cruz Limited Edition pick-ups, all of which are custom wound and voiced to ensure you’ll experience a well balanced tonal character across all 5 switch – They each measure around 6.5K – Additionally it is spec’d with a master volume pot and tone pot for the neck pick-up, whilst the bottom tone pot is wired to both the middle and bridge pick-ups – Tone and playability is what makes this guitar so special – Played through my shop amp, with all of the guitar controls on 10, the tone is clear, crisp, rich, warm and smooth across all 5 switch settings, so pretty much as you’d expect a good Strat to be, with plenty of succulent rich character that truly inspires –  Remember the combination of the ash body, maple neck and vintage flavoured pick-ups, ensures a 50’s based Strat has transparent mids, with a delicious full, round and clear low end, coupled with musically warm, yet shimmering highs – As you roll off the volume pot, to around 6 or 7, you’ll soften up the tonal character, until you find that magical sweet spot – As such this now delivers so much more emotional control and expression to your playing – For a base camp, try it with everything backed off just a touch, then as and when required, turn the volume pot back towards 10, to give you that little bit of extra bite and clarity – This approach works exceptionally well with a slightly overdriven blues setting on your amp, as you now have access to the full steam ahead option when the Strat’s volume pot is on 10 – Yet more of a clean chilled out tone when it is backed off to around 6 or 7  – On hi-gain amp settings and the Strat on full volume, it possesses that ‘pushed to the limits’ edge and  bite to it, especially on the bridge pick-up, but now with a tone pot available on the bridge pick-up, roll it off a touch and like wise with the volume pot, for a more controlled approach that still retains a smooth sustain  – This approach ensures so much more control and emotion whereby you and the Strat control the amp – A few minutes of playing and listening to this Strat and you soon realise what is oh so special about a good Strat and how much emotion the guitar is capable of delivering

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